Storing Fragrance

Looking after your fragrance is very important if you want it to keep smelling great for as long as possible. Simply changing the way you store your scent will make a huge difference. Stay fresh with these top tips:

  •  The lifespan of an unopened fragrance will vary according to its strength and quality, but like most cosmetic products, it will be good for at least three years as long as it’s kept well away from heat and light.
  •  Don’t store your fragrance in the bathroom, opened or unopened. Fluctuating temperature and humidity levels in the small space will degrade your scent in no time.
  •  Try not to expose your fragrance to the air any more than necessary. Once opened, the ingredients will gradually oxidize and deteriorate.
  • Stick to one or two scents at a time, so that you use them up quickly, or buy smaller sizes of a wider variety if you like to match your mood.
  • If you like to buy larger bottles of fragrance, keep them boxed in a drawer, and use them to fill an atomiser purse-spray as and when required. This limits their exposure to air, heat and light, the arch enemies of fragrance.
  • Avoid using a scent that smells vinegary, is darker than usual, or has a sticky feel to it. If so, it is probably out of date.

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