Storing Fragrances Correctly

storing fragrance

You may not realise it but fragrance, like most cosmetics, has an expiration date. While it may be tempting to put your perfume on full show in sunlight, there are drawbacks to this. By simply changing the way you store your fragrance, you can make a big difference in how long it lasts.


Does fragrance have a shelf life?

Fragrance can expire depending on the way it’s stored, the strength or quality of the fragrance. The lifespan of an unopened fragrance, like most cosmetic products, will be at least three years; if stored correctly you can increase this to five.


Tips to make your fragrance last longer:


1. Keep it away from heat and direct sunlight.
Beautiful bottles and coloured formulas can be tempting to display in full view out the window because they beg to be seen. However, storing your fragrance in humid environments like a bathroom or in direct sunlight can disrupt the chemical structure and make it go off quicker.

2. Stick to one fragrance until it’s empty, instead of alternating.
Try not to expose your fragrance to the air more than necessary. Once opened, the ingredients will gradually oxidize and deteriorate so try to stick to one fragrance until it’s empty, instead of alternating.

3. Store larger bottles of fragrance boxed or in a drawer.
Decant your larger fragrance into an atomiser to limit their exposure to air, heat and light. Doing this will mean that you won’t need to worry about taking it out of the draw to spritz too often.

4. Store in a cool place.
To keep your fragrance cool, store it in a place that doesn’t fluctuate in temperature or isn’t humid (like your bathroom).


How do you know if your fragrance has expired?
If your fragrance is out of date it will smell vinegary, look darker than usual, and may have a sticky feel or irritate your skin. These are all signs you should throw it away.


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storing fragrance

Updated by Keavy Slattery: 15/09/2020.