Buying for Women

Buying for Women

Buying for women isn’t always easy – in fact, navigating the worlds of fragrance, beauty and skincare can be a decidedly delicate operation!

If she loves to look after herself but isn’t giving you any clues as to what she wants as a gift, the list of potential products can seem infinite and pretty scary. Take a step back. Gather the bits of information that you do have, take a look at our list, and feel the burden of ‘too much choice’ get a little lighter…

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1. Think luxury

That is, don’t go for an everyday product that she can buy for herself. An indulgent body crème in a sumptuous scent will always be more impressive than a drug store body lotion, as will that designer skincare that she’s always wanted to try.


2. Keep it fresh and exciting

Don’t buy the same thing every year (unless, of course,  it’s a specific request!). Keep in mind previous gifts that have gone down well, and take a look to see if there are other similar things that she may like. Did she love that perfume last year? Take a look at this year’s big release from the same fragrance house.


3. Stick to bestsellers

If in doubt, filter the page to bestsellers and see what other customers have been rating. Another option is to conduct a little investigation of blogs and magazine articles to discover their hottest new release.


4. Don’t forget ancillaries

An ancillary is a complementary product that goes alongside a fragrance, such as a body lotion, a shower gel or a purse spray. Layering a fragrance up in this way is not only a lovely bit of everyday luxury, but it will also allow her to experience a more intense and long-lasting facet of her favourite scent. Check out our guide to ancillaries here.


5. The ‘instantly giftable’ gift set

Gift sets are usually presented in attractive boxes, and offer the chance to try complimentary products at a fraction of the price. Remember that such sets are often seasonal limited editions, so get in there before they sell out!


6. Pamper time

We’re betting that the lady you’re buying for is a bit of a superwoman, and all superwomen need some ‘me time’. Consider a luxurious bath or shower product that will give her a chance to relax and pamper herself.


7. Put a hamper together

That way if you don’t know what to get as a ‘big’ present, you can give lots of smaller gifts that feel like a big present. The key is in the presentation; buy a gift box or basket and spend some time presenting it nicely.


8. Recreate fragrant memories

Smells are a powerful way to evoke memories, so why not buy the fragrance that she wore when you first met, the body lotion that she swore by in university, or her wedding day scent?


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