Haircare Glossary

Hairspray – Normally used to finish a style, hairsprays come in a variety of different strengths and have an assortment of effects. They can give you the lightest hold for freedom of movement, to the complete opposite – providing an intense hold and not allowing your style to move one bit.

Gel – Available in sprays, jars, tubs and tubes, gel is a versatile styling product that resembles the sticky gloopiness of gelatine – hence the name! Its strength can vary from a light to an intense hold, and can create looks that range from the lightly tousled to the extremely moulded and formed. Its pliability and slow-drying formulation means that it’s somewhat more versatile than hairspray, whilst still achieving the same kind of uber-sculpted look.

Crème – Often as much a treatment as a styling product, styling crèmes provide texture and thickness with a light hold. Intensely moisturising and very nourishing, crèmes are best for longer hair to help it feel healthier and thicker.

Putty, Clay and Wax – For a variety of holds that stay extremely pliable, these products have become very popular for shorter styles without adding the stiffness that is normally associated with gels. Different varieties provide different finishes varying from intense shine, to a completely matte effect.

Serum – Available in a variety of formats, serums are designed to protect hair from all the vigour and damage caused by heat, styling and everyday life. Hair serums are especially useful for people who have (or want to prevent) damaged or dry hair, as they strengthen the hair follicle and make styles smooth and more manageable.

Dry Shampoo – A brilliant innovation that provides a way to clean and freshen up your hair without having to wet wash it. Normally in a spray canister, the product is applied on to the hair roots and brushed through taking with it all the oils and excess sebum that the hair produces leaving the hair feeling fresher, smoother and less greasy.

Salt Spray – Designed to give you that beach look without having to go anywhere near the sand! Salt sprays are made using sea salt and a combination of other ingredients to provide you with a loose, sexy just-off-the-beach style.

Mousse and Foam – These normally start off in liquid form, and when dispensed turns into a thick consistency in your hands. When worked through the hair it provides your style with extra volume, shine and light hold without any build up.