Indulgent Bathing

A Guide To Indulgent Bathing

Time spent in the tub is the only opportunity many of us have to relax. It’s only right then that bathing should be a full pampering experience, and definitely not a rushed dip in and out of tepid water. Having an indulgent bathtime ritual can work wonders in relieving stress and promoting a deep sense of well-being, soothing your mind and your body like nothing else.

Treat yourself to a little quiet time with a full complement of effective and luxurious products…


Bath Gel

Richly lathering with luxurious foaming capabilities, bath gels are the most common form of bath product as they are suitable for most skin types. There’s something about surrounding yourself with fragrant bubbles that is instantly relaxing, especially if they’re fragranced with a scent that you love. There is nothing quite like stepping out of a fragrant bath, coordinating the scent with a matching body lotion and intensifying the experience with a few spritzes of the complementary perfume. It’s an easy way to sustain the beneficial effects of your bath long after you leave your bathroom fortress!


Bath Oil

Particularly suitable for dry and delicate skins, bath oils work wonders in improving skin elasticity. These tend to be slightly more expensive due to the luxurious oils used, but the fragrance is richer and the benefits and plentiful. Most fragrant bath oils do not foam into the usual mounds of soft bubbles – instead they quickly disperse throughout the water, coating your skin in a thin layer of oil which you must be careful not to slip on!


Bath Milk

Bath milks are generally less foamy than a gel and turn the bath water a dreamy, opaque white colour. Milks have less of a focus upon cleansing the skin and instead work to intensively hydrate it, making it perfect for drier skin. Rich yet lightweight, bath milks are a fabulous choice is you’re looking to soften and smooth your skin.


Bath Salts

Often infused with essential oils to uplift and detoxify, bath salts have an almost medicinal quality that relaxes muscles, soothes sore limbs and clarifies the skin. These are perfect for a longer soak in the bath to really unwind and loosen up the body.


Sensitive Skin

Those with sensitive skin that reacts frequently to bath additives should choose an unscented foam bath specifically formulated for their skin type.  If you have seriously dry skin that’s pone to outbreaks of eczema, you will have to be extra careful. Even plain water can be bad for your lipidically-challenged epidermis – so choose an emollient bath formula specially formulated for problem skin.


Body Cream

Following a luxurious bath, there is nothing quite like smoothing on some luxe body cream to seal in the moisture. Densely formulated and more fragrant than a body lotion, the cream will deliver long-lasting hydration and despite its thickness is not at all greasy.  For skin that loves to feel silky, nurtured and cared for.



If you have to use an unscented bath product, there’s no need to forego scent altogether. After all, scent is one of the things that makes bathing so indulgent! Invest in a fragrance diffuser and fill it with an essential oil such as lavender, which has an instant and long-term calming effect, and will fill the room with a beautiful and soothing fragrance.



Similarly, candles are a fantastic way to make your bathing experience seriously luxurious. Many beauty brands offer matching candles to complement their fragrances, so you can truly surround yourself with your favourite scent!