Male Haircare

For many men, hair is a temporary head covering exclusive to their youth. From the age of 25 most will notice their hairline gradually creeping backwards, although the age at which male-pattern baldness kicks in and the rate at which it occurs will depend on his genetic make-up.

Men Vs. Women
While it is thought there is little difference between the basic structures of male and female hair, there is a great gulf between the sexes when it comes to styling and caring for their crowning glory. Women tend to wear their hair longer, colouring and chemically treating it from time to time, and blow-drying, straightening, and teasing their long suffering locks.

As a rule, men wear their hair much shorter, avoiding the scourges of split ends and combination hair. They also tend to keep their natural colour and shape, eliminating chemically induced dryness and frizz. It’s not all good news though. In order to style their shorter hair, they require stronger styling preparations, shunning lighter formulations for gel or wax, which leave heavier deposits on the scalp and require thorough cleansing to remove effectively.

Guys also tend to be more active sports players. This means their hair is regularly bathed in mud, sweat and chlorine, which means frequent washing, drying and styling. But that’s not all; men naturally suffer more from dandruff than women, not to mention generally lank and greasy hair. Obviously some serious hair care products are required.

Effective cleansing and care
Build up from styling products, and the mild itching that this sometimes causes, should not be confused with dandruff. Dandruff is a specific condition caused by natural yeast called pityrosporum ovale. When over-production of this yeast is triggered, the scalp sheds large, flat, white flakes of dead skin, which are instantly recognisable on the scalp and dark clothing.

If you experience problems with dandruff, dirt, inadequate rinsing or styling products does not cause it, but you’ll need a specialist anti-dandruff shampoo to rid yourself of dandruff. Chances are you’ll have to use it regularly for several weeks before the condition starts to subside, but once it’s under control you can opt for a dandruff control variant in your usual shampoo range.

If you’re worried about thinning hair, you could try some of the latest thickening shampoos that can at least improve its appearance, although, sadly, nothing will halt the progress of male-pattern baldness. You may find that certain styles make your hair look fuller, and you should consult your hairdresser for some hints and tips. The key to good male haircare is in maximising its potential and adapting your routine to its changing needs throughout your life.