Male Skincare

Over and above the daily routine of shaving, male skin requires specialist care. Men tend to have thicker, oilier skin than women, so it should follow that male skin is better able to deal with extremes of temperature and the rigours of everyday life. Unfortunately, the impact of shaving means that men must pay particular attention to the condition of their facial skin. You should shave after cleansing, and before moisturising. If you’re a once-a-day shaver, you’ll need to cleanse and moisturise twice a day, once in the morning and again before going to bed.
No longer simply a soap and water affair, cleansing male skin is as dependant on skin type as its female counterpart. Discern your skin type by looking at your pores in a magnifying mirror. If they are large and ‘open’ and you find that your skin often feels greasy, then your skin type is oily. Use a gel-based face wash to control sebum production and leave skin feeling clean and fresh. If your pores are close to invisible and your skin feels tight after washing, then your skin type is dry. Use a creamier cleanser that will both cleanse and moisturise, restoring equilibrium to parched skin.

As the fundamental stage of a man’s grooming experience, the selection of effective shaving products is an important decision to get right. Prepping the skin and hair for shaving is an important step, and a pre-shaving lotion will soften stubble and condition the skin.To prevent razor burn and protect the delicate facial skin during a shave, a foaming shave gel will ensure a smooth finish with optimum moisturisation.

Your choice of moisturiser will depend on the effect shaving has on your skin. If you experience very few problems, or find that your skin is shiny and greasy rather than dry, you should invest in a light aftershave balm or a gel-based moisturising formulation. You must not be fooled into thinking that your skin needs no help at all, because the effects of shaving, stress and the environment will accumulate and you may develop skin problems in the future.

If you’re already suffering from dry skin, you may not know it. If you experience a tight, dry feeling after washing or shaving, or if your skin flakes from time to time, then you’ll benefit from a richer, cream moisturiser that will soften and smooth rough skin. Dab onto the face and massage in gently, smoothing right out to the hairline, jaw and neck.

Just as you would exfoliate the dead skin cells from your body, using a high performance facial buffer will breathe new life into the look of your skin. After cleansing, dot the product onto the nose, cheeks and forehead and massage in gently, not forgetting the sides of the nose and the neck. Although the idea of using a facial scrub may sound superfluous to the uninitiated, using an abrasive product once a week will make the effectiveness of the other products you use increase exponentially.