Men Glossary

Aftershave is a fragranced liquid that is splashed onto the skin after shaving. It may contain alcohol, essential oils and conditioners in order to soothe and fragrance the skin.

Aftershave Balm are used on sensitive skin after shaving as they are creamier and more soothing than an aftershave splash. They are often fragranced, and smooth the skin wonderfully.

Cleanser is a formulation that can come in a gel, cream or foam format. When water it applied to a small amount, it can be worked into a lather and smoothed over the face in order to remove the day’s debris and excess sebum. When washed off, skin will be smooth, soft and clean.

Dandruff a specific condition caused by natural yeast called pityrosporum ovale. When over-production of this yeast is triggered, the scalp sheds large, flat, white flakes of dead skin, which are instantly recognisable on the scalp and dark clothing.

Disposable Razors are part of the wet shaving sector and comprise a single, twin blade shaving head set into a plastic handle. The blades are not removable, and the whole unit is disposed of after use.

Eau de Toilette is the highest concentration of mens fragrance, although there are a select few male haute parfums that are available in an Eau de Parfum. The Eau de Toilette is typically up to 15% concentrated, whereas an aftershave will only be up to around 3% concentrated.

Foils are the cutting elements of power shavers that oscillate at high speed to cut off hairs. Foils are not usually sharp to the touch, and will rarely cut him unless they are damaged.

Lubricating Strips is the soft fabric-like material infused with moisturising and lubricating ingredients positioned behind the blades of your razor. They make contact with the skin immediately after the sharp cutting edge to soothe the skin.

Male Pattern Baldness this is a completely natural occurrence and varies from person to person depending on their heredity. It can start at any age, and the extent to which the hairline recedes is dependent on the genes inherited from both of your parents.

Moisturiser is an emollient cream that protects, softens and smoothes the skin following a cleansing or shaving routine. It puts back the moisture and nutrients lost during such routines, making it supple and more pliable.

Power Shavers typically require batteries, a mains power source or a re-charger unit, and feature fast-moving foils to slice away stubble. They are widely reported to be far safer than wet shaving, as they present less risk of nicks and cuts to the user. However, they are also considered less effective against very dark, thick or coarse hair.

Razor Blades are tapered sheets of metal sharpened to an extremely sharp point. Old style razor blades were lethally sharp blades inserted into a separate handle, whilst modern blades are far smaller and already affixed into a plastic safety casing complete with a lubricating strip.

Razor Burn is an unpleasant rash of swollen hair follicles that develop on the chin and neck as a cluster of unsightly red bumps, as a direct result of shaving. Razor burn can be minimised with correct preparation, shaving toiletries and caring after shave products.

Shaving Gel, Cream, Soap, Oil and Foam are all shaving aids formulated to ease the passage of the blade as it glides over the skin. Because stubble creates friction, and friction is detrimental to the shaving process, some form of lubrication is always essential.

Systems Razors comprise of a permanent handle into which replaceable blade cartridges are inserted. The Gillette Mach 3 is a good example of this type of razor, which is both safe and long lasting for the wet shave.

Twin or Triple Blades are featured on premium disposable and systems razors. Two or three parallel razor blades, positioned just a few millimetres apart, are considered to be much more effective than a single blade. The first razor slices the beard, and second (and third) finishes off, eliminating any stray hairs and smoothing the surface of the skin.

Wet Shaving comprises both systems razors and disposable razors, and generally refers to the process of scraping the beard away manually, rather than with a power shaver.