Skincare in your 30s

Your 30s are a time of unbalance; you’re always on the go, trying to juggle work commitments, family life, a social calendar and all of the unexpected problems that crop up along the way. This stress can take its toll on your skin, so that your usual tried and tested skin care regime suddenly isn’t towing the line. Fine lines may be starting to appear, your skin looks a little dull, and it’s getting harder to control the fluxes in your skin’s behaviour.

It’s easy to get your skin back on track. Make a few small changes to your skincare regime and your skin will be glowing in no time!

Switch to an SPF moisturiser
Not only does an SPF protect against hyperpigmentation and burning from the sun, but it is also a powerful anti-aging tool. There are free radicals abound in UV radiation, breaking down collagen levels in the skin and causing wrinkles and a loss of firmness. Early protection from these harmful rays can slow down the aging process considerably, keeping you looking younger and more vital for longer.

Consider an Eye Cream
Hard-working 30+ women are prone to tired, dull eyes. If the area is dehydrated, use an eye cream that will lift, firm and hydrate the delicate skin and restore it to its former supple glory. Puffy eyes are common as a result of tiredness, and there are many ways to de-puff and regulate the eyes. Applying a cold compress will restrict blood vessels for an instant lift, although this can be a taxing on more delicate skin. Using a de-puffing eye gel will sort out the area effectively and gently, soothing irritated eyes and minimising the appearance of dark circles.

Don’t Forget Your Skin at Night Time
In your thirties your days are long, and your nights are comparatively short. Because of this, you need all the help you can get during those precious night time hours, as this is when your skin regenerates itself. Start by clearing your skin of the day’s impurities, using a gentle but effective cleanser. Follow with a toning lotion to clear away excess cleanser and to optimally prep the skin for your moisturiser.

Your moisturiser is very important to your skincare regime. It should offer continual hydration to last the night, should detoxify the skin of free radicals that have accumulated during the day, and should smooth and soothe the skin to aid in cellular renewal. Upon waking, your skin should be energised, rested and supple.