Skincare in your 50s

Your 50s are a time to feel fabulous. You’re comfortable in your own skin, your relationships are well forged, and you have wisdom and experience abound. As fantastic as you feel, your skin may be telling a different story; wrinkles, laughter lines, sagging and sallowness are all commonplace in this age group.

This isn’t the end of the story, though – there are so many ways to look as young as you feel! Make a few changes to your everyday routine and slow down the signs of aging. Lie about your age – your skin won’t give you away…

Use radiance-boosting products
Mature skin has not only wrinkles and sagging to contend with; sallowness and dryness can make the complexion seem incredibly dull, and a lack of elasticity makes skin appear much thinner. It can be hard to look healthy and radiant with an uneven skin surface that is devoid of youthful plumpness!

There are an abundance of products out there to counteract these factors, namely radiance boosting moisturisers. These moisturisers have micro-pearls or luminescent particles suspended in their formulations, that when applied infuse a subtle glow into the complexion. The face reflects light better, and skin looks healthy and beautiful. Don’t just settle for a radiance quick-fix however; look for formulations that include luminescent particles alongside firming agents, intense hydrators, wrinkle decreasers, and preferably a protecting SPF. With such advanced formulations available today, all of this is not a tall order!

Don’t Forget Your Neck and décolleté
Your skin isn’t the only thing that gives your age away. As there are fewer sebaceous glands to lubricate the skin on the neck, it’s often a very dry patch of skin indeed. Dehydrated skin equals accelerated aging, leading to the onset of sagging skin and deep wrinkles… the dreaded ‘neck crepe’! There are so many formulations to combat this however, from neck creams to neck serums.

For daily maintenance, simply extend your daily moisturiser to your neck. For targeted care, a good neck cream will intensely hydrate the area, plumping the skin and keeping its elasticity maintained. A serum or concentrate, on the other hand, will smooth wrinkles, reduce the appearance of hyperpigmentation (age spots) and firm the area like nothing else.

Consider a tinted moisturiser
Although it may be tempting to buy a thicker foundation to conceal wrinkles, age spots and other skin imperfections, a heavy foundation won’t do your dry and delicate complexion any good. Quite the contrary, it will settle into wrinkles and take on a mask-like appearance, making you look older. Instead, try a tinted moisturiser that will intensely hydrate the area whilst offering a radiant boost of colour. Diffusive rather than masking pigments will make skin look more radiant, minimising the appearance of wrinkles and an uneven skintone.