Teenage Skin Explained

Teenage skin is troublesome skin!
This is a time when your hormones are in flux, causing excessive oiliness and a blemish-prone complexion that is pretty difficult to regulate. Pores are open and dilated, skin is clogged and congested, and the complexion is often uneven and red, all caused by excess bacteria, oil and dead skin cells. These highly visible problems can be a nightmare, especially in your image-conscious teenage years.

There are so many ways to regulate your skin whilst caring for it properly. Break down your skincare regime and take out the excess products – overloading your skin further won’t do it any good! It’s so important to remember that young skin is extremely delicate skin – use gentle products to combat complexion complaints, and don’t be fooled into thinking that less harsh products are also less effective!

Cleanse Gently!
Even though it’s tempting to use a harsh scrub or cleansing product on your face to completely zap your complexion of shine, they are only a temporary fix and can be very damaging to young skin. A lightweight face wash with a gentle cleansing base will carefully unclog pores and remove impurities, without sloughing off perfectly healthy skin cells.

A facial scrub is a good idea, but choose one with gentle scrubbing particles – not one that is very abrasive. Used once a week your complexion will be left smooth and soft, not red and raw. Be patient with your cleansing routine and don’t tug your skin all over the place; it will feel irritated and stressed, which may start the cycle of spots all over again.

Even Oily Skin Needs a Moisturiser
It’s true – but the choice of moisturiser is very important. It may seem odd adding even more moisture to an oily face, but specially adapted moisturisers for oilier skins actually work to regulate sebum production. They dispense moisture where it’s needed, whilst keeping over productive pores matte and comfortable. Make sure that they’re a mild formulation, both lightweight and non-drying,

Treat Spots Locally
Don’t pick at your spots! It will only spread infection and bacteria to other parts of the face and reinitiate the spot cycle. Instead, invest in a blemish control stick, which will tighten pores, reduce redness and calm the area. It may take a couple of days to see results, but ridding yourself of spots this way will eliminate the pain, tears and scarring of squeezing and picking!