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For the last few weeks it really does feel like I’ve been everywhere but at home. All my routines have been disrupted, and despite drinking a lot more water to compensate, the health of my skin has taken a complete nosedive. I need some help…

I’m a fussy cleanser with irritable combination/sensitive skin. Creamy cleansers can make my T zone feel a tad oily, and gel cleansers often make my skin feel too tight on my cheeks and forehead. To keep all of my facial skin happy, I decided to opt for the Clarins Water Comfort Cleanser, a gentle distilled-water based cleanser packed full of plant extracts. There is an alternative for oiler skin types in the Clarins Water Purify Cleanser, but I wanted something that could nourish and make my skin feel a little more comfortable after all of its neglect. Plus it smelled of peaches – I was sold.

I have an uneven complexion and tend to wear primer, foundation and a cream-based blusher. Before trying the cleanser I was slightly worried that it wouldn’t cut through all three effectively. I applied a glug of the solution to two cotton pads and simultaneously swept them over each side of my face. And then two more. And then two more until my wastebasket is half full of cotton pads. I must wear more make-up than I thought…

Still, my face is completely clean and feeling peachy fresh. It may be my imagination, but it actually seems more even – that must be the soothing properties kicking in. It’s a rare occasion that my skin actually feels supple and hydrated after cleansing, but the Water Comfort Cleanser has done the trick.

I’ve now been using the cleanser for a week, and my skin feels great. It does exactly what it says on the label, and my skin looks far healthier now that I’m back in an easy-to-follow routine. I have even decanted the formulation it into a smaller bottle to keep my skin refreshed throughout the day, and I suspect it will be even lovelier in the summer.

Four out of five, a point off for the non-eco friendly amount of cotton pads! Find out more about the Clarins Water Comfort Cleanser here.

Emma x

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  • I received a free trial size version of this and although I have normal / combination skin and usually use Clarins Cleansing Milk. I am definately going to use this in the future or possibly the mint version of it which is meant for my skin type. It is so much easier than the cleansing milk and does a great job of cleansing. I dont know whether it’s just more obviousl because its a liquid but this really does a great job of cleansing.
    The smell is gorgeous so I am kind of hoping the Clarins lady tells me it doesnt matter what skin type I have and I dont need to try the mint version.
    Definately agree with the review although I don’t usually need 4 cotton pads!! This is a great product worth trying – gutted I have a brand new unused cleansing milk think I shall be selling that and buying this though.

    • I have combination skin but I opted for the peach one because I get a little dry on my forehead and around my eyes (which I’ve been neglecting in favour of oil control products). Because of the refreshing nature of the formulation I shouldn’t think you’d run into any oily problems with the cleanser – I haven’t so far! I’d say go for the peachy one – I’ve tried a lot of different cleansers, but the gorgeousness of this one moved me to write a review 🙂

      As for all the cotton pads… I’m now thinking my foundation might be a tad thick!

      • Oh Emma wish I had caught up on this comment before I went shopping – I went and bought the Mint version – havent used it as yet – the woman did say it didnt matter and should not make a difference but I thought as I am having so much bother with my skin I would try the mint one.

        I will let you know! – I went out the other night and used the peach one when I came in and I did use loads of cotton pads lol

  • I think I may have to try this one myself. Ive only ever tried one other water cleanser which was Caudalie Clenasing Water which I really like.

    • I love Caudalie’s Beauty Elixir… I’ve yet to try their cleansing water though. I’m thinking that water cleansers are the way to go for me, so that’s next on my list!