Lipstick Rules!


Lipstick is back in fashion… Fashionistas have ditched their glosses and replaced them with sticks of creamy lipstick – and department stores, such as Selfridges, are reporting a whopping two-fold increase in sales.

Personally, I’m not surprised… Shows such as Mad Men (of which I am currently addicted) have highlighted the fact that lipstick is glamorous, feminine, sexy, and far more long lasting that their glossy counterparts. I’ve been stocking up and have rediscovered the joy of applying and wearing it!
For a generation of girls used to wearing sheer glosses, however, it can be tricky to pick the right shade of lipstick to match our complexions. It’s bolder, brighter, and more daunting. But do not panic – simply read through my guide below and take your pick from the recommendations that fall under your skin tone. Get ready to pout girls!



If you have dark skin, flatter your complexion by picking hues of dark red with blue undertones, shades of deep plum and berry, or any shade of brown.
I’m a big fan of Bare Escentuals bareMinerals Natural Lipcolour, which is made from natural ingredients and yet has an indulgently silky texture and great staying power. Both Cherries on Top and French Pastry, both £11.42 are the perfect choice for black and dark skin.



If you have a medium skin tone, with olive or yellowish tones, then you have two choices… Pick deep, rich brown shades with red or mahogany undertones – or opt for daring pink shades (lucky you!). The former will work perfectly for days at work and the latter for weekends and evenings out.
Clarins Rouge Prodige True Hold Colour & Shine Lipstickin Rosewood or Coral Tulip, both £13.06 would both be ideal. This lipstick offers really impressive colour pigment and a flawless finish, thanks to a blend of ultra-fine plant oils. And I love the glamorous, 50’s style gold casing!



For the fairest skin tones, the rule is to pick light pink hues with blue undertones, deep plum and wine reds, light brown, or pink-beiges.
I’ve spent lots of time testing for this section and can personally recommend Dior Addict High Impact Weightless Lipcolor in Beige Dandy, Zen Pink, or Pinstripe Plum, all £21.45. I can’t fault the colour intensity, longevity, or the texture. Total luxury!

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