[CLOSED] Competition Time… Cartier de Lune Eau de Toilette


I love Cartier fragrances. They’re just so luxe and sophisticated, yet completely and utterly wearable. My go-to scent is normally Delices de Cartier, a vivacious cherry-infused Eau de Parfum that makes me feel like a superstar. This old favourite has been relegated for the moment, however – because her mysterious  older sister has arrived, and I think it’s love.

Cartier de Lune could in fact be described as the exact opposite of Delices: where Delices is vibrant, fruity and impertinent, de Lune is mellow, floral and delicate. Inspired by a field of wildflowers lit by the glow of moonlight, Cartier de Lune almost shimmers with iridescent ‘white’ notes. A graceful expression of mellow luxury, it represents the  meeting of the inky sky and a bouquet of night-blooming, spectral flowers.

On first spray the fragrance exudes a slightly powdery greenness with a big dose of freshness. I can predominantly smell Lily of the Valley , but it’s isn’t a super-green, sharp Lily. It is diffused, floaty, and supported by the modernity of Pink Pepper. As it develops, the dormant florals of Honeysuckle and Cyclamen unfurl and become more pronounced, whilst a ghost of sweet Rose swirls amongst the bouquet stopping it from becoming too heavy. It’s not a creamy floral as you might expect from a white floral scent, but is instead slightly powdery, a tad green, and very beautiful.

To celebrate the launch of this dreamy scent, we are giving one lucky blog reader the chance to win a 45ml bottle of the Cartier de Lune Eau de Toilette. To be in with a chance to win, simply comment on this post and tell us: How you make yourself feel luxurious?

Competition now closed, thanks for your entries!

  • Gemma Robinson

    I have a lovely hot bubble bath, straighten my hair, put my make up on, and a sexy dress! I feel luxurious, x

    • karleigh

      Red lipstick makes me feel instantly luxurious, it doesn’t matter what I’m wearing but if I have red lipstick on I instantly feel like a million dollars. Clarins Rouge Prodige is my weapon of choice =) x

  • Ela

    Time for yourself is indeed luxury nowdays! So I love to pamper myself with good book, scented candles, dinner out with my husband. And of of course final luxurious touches are not complete without perfume and lipstick!

  • Denise

    A facial in the beauticians then home into pj’s candles lit and a Chinese and a bottle of sparkly with my husband

  • cee_cee5

    I smother myself in cocoa butter an wrap myself in the softest quilt to feel luxurious .

  • Helen

    Full on bubble bath, candles, Jane Packer bath milk, Neals Yard scrub and face mask, the lot! Smother myself in L’Occitane cream and paint my nails with OPI pour a glass of Petite Syrah and relax! 🙂

  • Sharon Barnard

    By donning gorgeous matching undies!

  • MIa

    Silky lotions so caressing, foot massages are such a blessing –
    couldn’t do without this treat, I really do like luxurious feet!

  • Vanessa Cox

    Relaxing in a hot bath with milk bath powder with a facial mask on and finishing off with luxurious body butter 🙂

  • kelly

    having a hot bath full to the brim with bubbles is the way that i like to make myself feel luxurious

  • Mel Butcher

    I’m not one for make up really, so for me it’s good quality perfume every time, I feel great every time the scent hits my nose.

  • A nice bath with some lush goodies, candles, then a hot chocolate once out with a good movie!

  • Aetharagirl

    House to myself, long hot shower. Painting my nails (not forgetting my toenails!) and taking the time to blow dry my hair properly – full (often neglected) skincare routine. Always have to include my favourite scented body lotion so the scent drifts around the room all evening. Then slipping into my silky dressing gown, snuggling into clean, fresh sheets with a tub of posh ice-cream. It’s the little things that make me feel luxurious 🙂

  • miss emma louise hogan

    Eating chocolate while watching a great rom com!!

  • Jo Bryan

    If I ever can and only managed twice it has to be a pamper mask, then a fluffy bathrobe good music a glass of champagne and strawberries, engagement and wedding night.
    Now thats the height of luxury.

    Thanks fabulous prize xx

  • Kerry Wise

    My favourite luxury is having a romantic night with my husband, candles burning, a bottle of champagne, chocolates and a good movie.

  • wendy jamieson-price

    i take a candlelit bath every evening with chill tacks playing and a glass of whatever i fancy!!!

  • christine taylor

    I make myself feel luxorious by having a lovely hot bubble bath with candles and a glass of wine.I dont get too do it very often so its so great when i do.Having 3 kids is hard work so i need it every now and again.
    After the bath i like too use a good moisturiser too finish off that silky smooth feel.
    Into my pj’s and then relax.Mmm just perfect.

  • Its not often I get to pamper myself and feel luxurious, guaranteed once I run myself a hot steamy lush bubble bath, and get ready to relax, one of my children starts to play up. When I do though, I turn to my Elemis Exotic Frangipani Monoi products. The bath and shower cream is heavenly, seriously. To keep the smell lingering I then apply the oil straight after my bath. The smell really does something to me. It makes me feel so sexy! haha. They are not cheap products either though, so they are definitely saved for when I really want to pamper myself and feel luxurious!

    If you haven’t tried these two products you’re missing out… BIG TIME!

  • Emma G

    I make myself feel luxurious by slathering myself in body oil so I smell good, La Perla underwear and some fabulous diamonds.

    • Louise

      A slick of lippie, new pair of heels and some Agent Provocateur/Mimi Holliday ! x

  • mirt

    Good food, good wine and good company makes me feel luxurious

  • Wearing a long satin nightdress after a nice bubble bath always makes me feel luxurious.