Shape Up For Spring.. Clarins Extra Firming


If your body’s in need of a bit of post-winter love, then you’re in for a treat. Clarins have augmented their excellent Shape Up Your Silhouette range by replacing their Extra Firming Body Care with two new products: the Extra Firming Body Cream, and the Extra Firming Body Lotion.

Blended with copious amounts of skin-loving Shea Butter, both products keep skin intensely hydrated, soft and smooth. Additional lashings of Hazelnut and Jojoba Oil in the rich cream and Hazelnut Oil in the refreshing lotion nourish and protect the skin beautifully. Its Extra Firming credentials come from infusions of elastic fibre-retracting Lemon Thyme, and collagen kick-starters Bocoa and Centella Asiatica. Skin is left firm, youthful and supple, with regenerated density and an instantly satin-smooth appearance.

For the colder weather, I’d recommend the ultra-luxe Body Cream. Smooth the rich formulation onto thighs, stomach and bust – everywhere that needs a bit of firming help. Reserve the lotion for the summer, or if you prefer lighter and more refreshing body moisturisers.

Take a look at the new and improved Extra Firming body care range here.