The New Florals.. Ricci Ricci Dancing Ribbon, Chloe Rose Edition, Vera Wang Anniversary

I’ve got a trio of new releases to share with you today. They’re all floral, but their scents couldn’t be more different. From the cheeky playfulness of Dancing Ribbon, to the all-out luxe of Chloe Rose.. all you need to do is pick your floral poison!


Nina Ricci Dancing Ribbon
The very first limited edition release for the gorgeous Ricci Ricci Eau de Parfum. Everything about Dancing Ribbon is completely exciting, from the sparkling juice to the revamped, flame red bottle. The fragrance is changed a little with the sharpness of Raspberry and the spiciness of ginger, but retains the unusual beauty of Rhubarb and Beauty of the Night Flower. A definite must-try for fans of both Ricci Ricci and Nina.

Chloe Rose
A true spring fragrance that celebrates the dazzling delicacy of the rose. A dewy bouquet with a velvety heart, Chloe accelerates the nostalgia of the original fragrance with a slightly sweeter, honeyed limited edition Eau de Parfum. As expected from the luxe fashion house, this fragrance is a perfect mix of playfulness and sophistication. I loved the Chloe flacon before, but I adore the revamped version with its bright pink bow!

Vera Wang Anniversary
A more voluptuous floral offering to celebrate 20 years of the illustrious Vera Wang brand. Anniversary is a vibrant Eau de Parfum spilling over with luscious blooms, crisp fruits, and enveloping silky woods. It’s a scent that celebrates the spontaneity of love and happiness, whilst still retaining a truly luxurious feel. This is elegant femininity Vera Wang style!

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  • I keep seeing Chole Rose, I think subconsciously I am lusting after her! The bottle looks so stunning and quaint as normal and then the ribbon just gives it a touch of class.

  • One of my favourite bottles of the year so far. It’s such a shame it’s a limited edition 🙁

    Might have to keep the ribbon, buy the original and keep swapping the ribbons around! x

    • OH NO!! Limited Edition *sobs* sad times 🙁
      Great idea with the ribbon!