A Must for Workout Fans.. Jack Black Performance Remedy Range


Developed for active people of all ages, the Jack Black Performance Remedy Range protects skin, soothes the muscles and helps the body to restore itself after strenuous workouts. Naturally-based, these products are a perfect blend of plants and science, fusing Eastern and Western herbs with the most effective skincare technology.

Here’s my product rundown…

Turbo Wash Energising Cleanser for Hair & Body
A hardworking cleanser that creates the ultimate body prep for working out. Before exercise, the invigorating extracts of rosemary and eucalyptus stimulate the senses and clear the mind. Post workout, a build up of lactic acid and toxins are eradicated with antioxidant juniper berry. A turbo charge for your body’s natural defences.

Body Rehab Scrub and Muscle Soak
A 3-in-1 exfoliating scrub, muscle soak and moisturiser. The skin is softened, muscles are soothed, and tension is relieved in one step, while knots are loosened land the body is given a helping hand to come down after exercise. Use this eucalyptus and arnica-infused shea butter scrub in either the bath or the shower.

Mr. Fix It Antimicrobial Wound Rescue
A handy first aid healing ointment that goes further than the rest – rather than just accerlating the healing rate of wounds, scrapes, cuts and burns, this 55ppm Silver gel inhibits the growth of germs and bacteria that thrive in gyms and workout areas. Quick-absorbing, petroleum-free, and a gym bag staple for the very active.

Jack’s Dry Goods Friction-Free Powder
Have a comfortable workout – banish the chafing and the irritation with this ultra-fine, talc-free pure cornstarch powder. It absorbs moisture immediately all over the body, leaving skin soft, smooth and dry. It offers exceptional protection from skin friction with lavender and organic green tea, allowing you to work out in peace.

Sun Guard Sunscreen SPF 45
An oil-free, extremely water resistant sunscreen for those who like to get their workout kicks outdoors. The vitamin-enriched broad spectrum UVA/UVB protection absorbs quickly without residue, so you’ll forget you’re even wearing it. Even in the most extreme conditions, through sweat and intense physical activity, the sun guard forms a protective barrier on the skin that stays put and won’t run into your eyes.

Dragon Ice Relief & Recovery Balm
A soothing balm that features the extract of the moment: the plant-based resin Dragons Blood. This pain reliving cream penetrates deeply to treat sore muscles, soothe inflammation and ease aches and pains. When used before a workout, the reviving menthol improves performance, and when used afterwards it helps to speed recovery.
Although I’m not too active as a person (okay, I’m not active at all), I absolutely love the sound of Mr Fix It and I’m already smitten with the Dragon Ice Balm for my weary legs after a long day. Cult products in the making for sure.

Browse the innovative Jack Black Performance Remedy range here.

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