My Signature Eye.. Givenchy Le Prisme Yeux Mono


I may not have a signature anything else, but I do have a signature eye colour – and that’s a rich, dark black. I use it both day and night for smoky eyes, grungy eyes, 60s flicks, tightlining, definition.. the possibilities are endless. Because of this obsession I have about 15 different variations of the same inky hue, from palettes (The Black Palette was a dream come true!) to singles, powders to creams. I normally prefer a matte as they’re more versatile, but I’ll branch out into a shimmer or even a glitter if the moment takes me. This is how I first discovered the beauty that is the Givenchy Le Prisme Yeux Mono, a little single palette that is far and away my favourite product in my hefty collection of eye shadess.

It’s an ingenious idea. Even though it’s a single colour palette, the shadow is split into four quadrants, each one a different texture variation on your chosen hue.  Take my glorious Showy Black – the top left quadrant is pearlescent for a more interesting smoky eye, the top right is subtly iridescent with a wearable shimmer, the bottom left is a pure, matte black that is perfect for eyelining, and the bottom right is a full-on black glimmer shot through with refined silver glitter. Four different looks, all in the same palette.

The product pick-up is perfect, as you’d expect from the luxe Givenchy range. Just one sweep and I have the perfect amount of product to buff, line and sweep away with. The packaging is sturdy and completely gorgeous, with a sleek and sophisticated feel that I miss when I’m dallying with other eyeshadows.  Perhaps my favourite aspect of all is that it’s just so pigmented; the matte shade is my absolute go-to for a clean, strong black line when lining. The glittery shade is probably my least used as I have to admit that I harbour a slight phobia of glittery make-up. When I do use it though, the silver shimmer takes the hard edge off of the black enough that I can often buff it across the entire lid without worrying about colour blocking. I just can’t fault it.

If black’s not your thing, there are a whole spectrum of other shades available. I completely and utterly recommend these for all eyeshadow fans!

Take a gander at the completely gorgeous Givenchy Le Prisme Yeux Mono here.

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  • Beautiful colours! They look so creamy! x

    • If I could only have one eye colour for the rest of my life and all that 🙂 x