Blog of the Week #11.. Mizz Worthy’s Stuff

Our blog of the week award this week goes to the lovely Mizz Worthy of Mizz Worthy’s Stuff, otherwise known as Jennifer. She’s a beauty-loving nurse with a great sense of humour and an incalculable knowledge of what’s worth talking about in the world of beauty.

Jen’s blog is so personal, from divulging cake recipes to sharing her quest to find the perfect hair colour. There are lots of bloggers and tonnes of information about beauty both new and old, but everything Jen writes about seems so individual. It’s like a tiny insight into her life, and I’m nothing if not a nosey parker.

The recent blog layout change is spot on too – a beautiful , colourful and modern portal into Jen’s world. Mizz Worthy’s Stuff is lovely bit of escapism, and a brilliant hive of beauty knowledge.

Give Mizz Worthy a visit right here, and follow her on Twitter for further fun.