Introducing Pupa.. Exclusives and More


In a world where getting a few shots of botox is no more significant than popping to the dentist for a check-up, skincare has had to majorly step up its game. It’s not enough to simply provide an emollient barrier against moisture loss, oh no – I expect my cream to deeply hydrate, plump, smooth and refine my skin on a daily basis.

We’ve got high expectations of our products now, so it’s just as well that Pupa has pioneered a range of body enhancement products that will blow all others out of the water.

You’ve probably heard of the Pupa name before, but most likely in the context of their popular line of colour cosmetics. They’ve undergone a bit of a transformation in the past couple of years and have extended their product reach to include a technologically advanced, comprehensive line of body products. The range is so popular in Pupa’s native country of Italy that the Pupa Breast Enhancer – the star product of the collection – was the #1 selling body care product in the country during 2009. And you know those gorgeously curvy Italian ladies can’t be wrong.

The collection such products as aforementioned cult product the Breast Enhancer to the Buttock Enhancer; and the Cheekbone Enhancer to the Inner Arm Shaping Cream. Each product works thanks to a fusion of botanicals and technology, in particular the innovative Volufiline: a ‘plant-plumper’ that boosts the storage of lipids and encourages plumped up skin tissues. Each product is clinically proven, which is a lovely thing to hear.

In celebration of the launch, we’ve got our hands on a couple of exclusives here at Escentual: the Anti-Wrinkle Volumising Filler, and the Breast Enhancer 4 Week Rapid Action. The Anti-Wrinkle Volumising Filler utilises the hardworking Volufiline plant plumper to progressively smooth the appearance of wrinkles with an intense hydra-filling action. It’s ideal for deep wrinkles, fine lines and expression lines, and works immediately to smooth and beautify the complexion. The Breast Enhancer 4 Week Rapid Action is a bikini body staple. Breasts appear firmer, fuller and rounder in just four weeks – half the time of the original Breast Enhancer. The Time to Skin technology accelerates the storage of lipids in the skin tissues, increasing the volume of the breast so that you’re bikini ready sooner rather than later.

We’re extremely excited to welcome Pupa to Escentual – take a little look at the entire range here!

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