Blog of the Week #13.. Katie Puckrik Smells



Our thirteenth Blog of the Week award goes to the brilliantly witty perfumista (and TV presenter of ‘The Word’ fame) Katie Puckrik of the eponymous ‘Katie Puckrik Smells.

Katie’s a blogger that truly knows her fragrance stuff. When she bashes scents that she doesn’t like, she does it in a tongue-in-cheek, informative way. When she says that she really likes a scent, you wholeheartedly believe that she truly does – and all of this is presented in her own fantastically left of the field way. She’s knowledgeable, incredibly funny, and is always a great read after a particularly sluggish day. And being a TV presenter her videos are not only eloquent and informative, but delivered in a very confident and witty style.

One of the things I love most about Katie as a blogger is her use of words. I’m as much a sucker for the flowery way she describes the arrival of spring as “nature’s shy little riot”, as I am her brutal and spot-on snarky honesty when describing a scent as having a “shy uptick of rose and amber amidst the killing fields of soap, soap and more soap (that) does signal the beginnings of a personality, if not quite a spine”. Brilliant.

Our favourite post of all time here in the Escentual offices has to be Katie’s first-time try of the infamous Etat Libre d’Orange Secretions Magnifiques. It’s a definite absolutely love or absolutely hate scent – but Katie’s reaction is priceless! Take a gander at the hilarity right here.

If you’re into your fragrances, Katie’s blog is an absolute must-read. Take a look at Katie Puckrik Smells right here.

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