The secret to a good heir day


An amazing discovery by hair care giant Tigi has revealed that royal genes may hold the answer to amazing looking hair.

Generations of good genes and expert haircare treatments has meant that our own Royal Family has some of the best hair around.

OK so Charles and Phillip may not be poster boys for a fuller mane  – but the women of the family have some of the best and fullest hair around. Even into her 80’s the Queen Mum (god rest her soul) had an immensely full head of hair.

Intrigued by this revelation Tigi approached our very own Royal Family to ask if they’d like to take part in some research to determine the reason for their amazing tresses.

After years of hard work, and many a royal hair snippet later, the results of this intense research has lead to the development of their very aptly named ‘Your Highness’ range.

So now even us ‘plebs’ can have high-rise hair suitable for any royal heir! (Kate Middleton take note!).

Have a look at Tigi’s Your Highness range

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