Brand New: Versace Vanitas Eau de Parfum

I have a soft spot for Versace fragrances. They’re just perfect for everyday wear, yet they feel so glamorous and sophisticated. I have yet to try a scent of theirs that I didn’t enjoy straight away, and this tradition continues yet again with Versace’s big new launch Vanitas.

The idea behind Vanitas is the notion of a woman with a healthy ego and a bright sensuality. It’s a merging of vanity and beauty that transforms into a luminous floral-solar-woody scent, with notes of both Mediterranean and Tahitian origin.

The bottle is a slight departure from the squat bottles of Bright Crystal, Crystal Noir and Versus; it is structured in the style of Versace atelier, with a translucent glass body and a curved, golden shoulder. The oversized cap is a familiar aspect for Versace fans, incredibly tactile and decorated with an ivy leaf.

The scent itself is a surprise. With all of the talk of egos and vanity, I expected a heady, dense floral fragrance. Then I read the notes, and still expected something quite intense and musky. When I actually smelled the scent, I was taken aback at how initially zesty it was. The lime makes itself known pretty much immediately, but so does the freesia, which takes it away from being overly citrusy/fruity. The unusual combination of notes is pretty addictive, especially as it warms up on the skin.  As much as I enjoy lime, the tiare flower heart is my favourite part of the scent; intense, solar and a little bit creamy, it’s the star note around which all of the others revolve.

I always enjoy the velvetiness of tonka bean in a scent, especially when it’s paired with an aromatic wood note like cedar. This combination in the dry down enhances rather than detracts from the other notes, and provides a good level of longevity on the skin.

I really like this fragrance: it’s a lovely, faceted floral scent with a twist of a lime to add an extra kick. Considering that it’s a glam Versace scent, it is surprisingly understated and unexpected, and it’s a definite must-try for fragrance fans.

Take a look at the Versace Vanitas range right here.

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    I like Versace and this fragrances it’s so nice