Blog of the Week #14.. Makeup Savvy

This week’s blog of the week goes out to one of the first blogs that I ever stumbled across, and to this day it still remains a firm favourite. Makeup Savvy is the brainchild of Fee, a lovely lady whose incredibly popular blog is one of the best out there.

Her posts are a mix of creativity and beauty, especially in terms of her vivid photography (with a couple of collages thrown in). The whole blog is just a beautiful thing to read. It’s a strange thing to appreciate, but I really like the mixing and matching of font sizes and styles that Fee utilises too. Everything feels really tactile and interactive!

Fee writes about all aspects of beauty, from what she would buy if she had the money to old buys that she has rediscovered. I enjoy these posts the most, because they’re the most personal. I’m a bit nosey when it comes to make-up; I like to see how people apply theirs, what they’d buy again and again, and which colours suit them. I live vicariously through their make-up choices, and Fee is one of my very favourites for indulging me in this!

Take a look at Fee’s blog right here.

  • Fee has a fantastic blog, I agree that how it looks and feels is as appealing as the content. I certainly think Fee has a great eye for the visual. She’s also a really lovely person and without pretensions. I think it’s the whole package that makes her blog so popular.
    J x