Brand New Launch: Mister Mascara at Escentual


With all of the gorgeous textures and bright colours to be discovered in the makeup world, sometimes it’s easy to forget the accessories. Mine are all pretty bog standard (apart from my one stab at creativity – an old glass jar that acts as a makeup brush holder), so I was very excited when Mister Mascara landed at Escentual. The quirky brand offers everyday essentials with a twist, injecting a little bit of fun back into ‘boring’ beauty tools.

Stand outs of the collection for me are the super practical Makeup Organiser, a transparent holder for all of your makeup; the statement black and red the Lash Curler with a whopping 6 replacement pads; and the Large Travel Bag that includes give containers that meet with EU regulations – it even includes a funnel, a spatula, and self-adhesive labels so that you can easily decant your favourite products and then label them accordingly. Ingenious!

I was lucky enough to get to try the Full False Eyelashes a little while ago, and they were absolutely spot-on. Full without looking false, long without looking spidery – even the glue was perfect. I’m a bit of a worrier when it comes to wearing lashes, but not without good reason; I tend to be the person in the bathroom with a friend having a ‘lash situation’, trying desperately to make the glue stick to my eyelid. For managing to achieve what other brands have not, Mister Mascara Full Lashes the best I’ve ever tried!

Take a took at the full line of Mister Mascara goodies here.

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