Blog of the Week #18.. Get Gawjus


This week’s Blog of the Week is one that I can’t believe I haven’t recommended sooner! The absolutely fantastic Get Gawjus is the online beauty mecca of Shifa, a beautiful lady with the most fabulous eyes (and eyebrows) I have ever seen.

The thing that comes across the most in her posts is her boundless knowledge of makeup application, techniques, and tones. One of my favourite recent posts is Warm vs Cool – Lip Colours, where Shifa explains the difference between the two tones in simple language. Tonality is still a concept that I struggle with, but I was a tad embarrassed to ask for more information. Not only does she break the differences down clearly, but she gives great photographic examples and methodically explains why the one is better than the other. Brilliant.

From skincare, to makeup, to tips and tricks, Shifa is a trusted blogger who is charismatic and so very helpful. She’s not afraid to share lots and lots of pictures, both before and after makeup. Plus she’s taught me how to work an intense smoky eye, and that’s a feat I thought I’d never achieve!

Visit Shifa’s blog Get Gawjus right here, and revel in her artistic eye looks.