Moschino Forever Fragrance for Men

Moschino’s latest offering for men, Moschino Forever, is as fun and irreverent as we’ve come to expect from the Italian house of irony. The aromatic fougère scent is inspired by the tradition of a timeless garment that is interpreted in a pleasurable, approachable, and elegant way. There’s no stuffiness or intimidation here: this is a fragrance for those who like to excite and be excited by fashion.

The scent opens up with a first impression of juicy kumquat tinged with the spiciness of black pepper and star anise. The presence of the pepper is felt throughout the composition, adding welcome bite to an otherwise fruity scent. As the fragrance develops, it becomes more aromatic as black pepper and clary sage unite. This piquancy is tempered a little by the smoothness of tonka bean, and is then quietened further with a velvety dry down of deep vetiver and smoky sandalwood. Overall, Moschino Forever is a fragrance to suit those with a timeless yet quirky sense of style. Familiar fruity and woody notes are put through their paces by a twist of spice, making for an everyday scent with a little added depth and intrigue. It’s important to add that this is a great skin scent due to the pepperiness, and is best sampled on the skin to get a truer feel.

This duality of tradition and modernity is felt in the design of the bottle, too. The cut-glass, solid structure of the flacon is topped with an ostentatious knuckleduster-esque topper that sets it apart from the design of recent releases. It is a statement scent captured within a statement bottle, and I wouldn’t accept anything less from Moschino! Face of the scent Josh Beech (of Tommy Hilfiger Loud fame) cuts an androgynous figure and is well suited as the feel of the fragrance.

Take a look at the Moschino Forever fragrance here, along with the accompanying body products.


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