Lady Gaga Reveals her Favourite Fragrance

Ever wondered which fragrance Lady Gaga really wears? Set aside the speculation about Lady Gaga’s alleged semen-and-blood debut scent for a moment (check out Etat Libre d’Orange Secretions Magnifique instead!) and wonder no more, because the Queen of Glam Pop divulged her scent preference on the latest edition of the Graham Norton Show.

Lady Gaga appeared on the programme alongside superstar Gwyneth Paltrow, with whom she discussed her favourite perfume, Thierry Mugler Womanity. Gaga had apparently on a previous meeting with Paltrow,  bequeathed to her a bottle of the scent – after Gwyneth had asked what she was wearing because she “smelled so good”!

Womanity is a salty/sweet scent that smells incredibly unique, with a sweet, fresh fig accord as the top note, and a salty caviar note at its heart. Strange, surprising, and conspicuous – it’s like Lady Gaga bottled!

When you first try Womanity we definitely recommend you apply the fragrance directly to your skin and leave it a few hours before making a final decision. We weren’t too keen on first sniff, but after actually wearing it for a while – we were completely sold!

Check out the Thierry Mugler Womanity scent right here at Escentual.

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