Blog of the Week #28.. Persolaise


This week’s blog of the week goes out to one of the most committed and respected fragrance blogs out there. Of course, we’re talking about Persolaise – a charismatic and very knowledgeable fragrance blog.

The Persolaise blog is a veritable who’s who, as well as a what’s what of fragrance. With over 25 years of interest in the Industry, they really know their stuff. Every article is informative, insightful and very witty, touching upon pertinent trends in the industry, as well as their own niche interests.

My favourite posts is – perhaps unsurprisingly, as I am a fragrance glutton – are the reviews. The prose is so evocative, and they have a knack for creating some incredibly vivid imagery in the matter of a few paragraphs. Their balanced and informed review style really lets you relax into the assessment  and trust in their views, making for a really lovely experience.

Another fantastic feature is ‘Twenty Blotters ‘, a collection of twenty set questions that Persolaise puts to some of the biggest names in perfumery. Twenty Blotters for Etienne de Swardt in particular is an absolute must-read. The brilliant founder of Etat Libre d’Orange he reveals his inspiration, his views on modern perfumery, and his role models in a stark and very insightful interview.

Take a look at the Persolaise Blog right here, and follow Persolaise over on Twitter for some fantastic fragrance talk.