Flash Review: Nailtiques Nail Lacquer with Protein

To whip our sorry summer nails into shape, Louise and I have trialled the brand new Nailtiques Nail Lacquer with Protein, a collection of nail colours infused with the same protein blend as the awardwinning Nailtiques nail treatments. The combination of colour and treatment is the perfect solution for someone like me – I’m neglectful with nail care, but I’m all over nail colour. The treatment works by penetrating the nail bed, giving nails a dose of reparative and strengthening power. They’re left feeling strong and healthy, and your nail colour looks bright and glossy. I trialled Havana, a deep and dark burgundy hue, and Rio, a sweet candy cane pink that is perfect for the summer. Louise had a go with the tropical pink of Tahiti, and the putty colour of Cairo.

Nailtiques Nail Lacquer with Protein in Havana
Nailtiques Nail Lacquer with Protein in Rio
Nailtiques Nail lacquer with Protein in Tahiti
Nailtiques Nail Lacquer with Protein in Cairo

The formulations  were incredibly glossy and gorgeous – especially Havana, you can almost see the reflection of the camera in that picture above! The colours were pigmented and true to the bottle,  and applied like a dream. What I was most impressed with was the quality of my nails. They felt stronger and were definitely less prone to bending and splitting, and I was able to grow my nails a little longer than their usual bitten-to-the-wick state. I’m mightily impressed with the longevity and the hard-wearing qualities of the Nail Lacquer too, and would highly recommend them for those with troublesome nails.

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