Just Launched: 4711 Fragances

Our latest big launch is a fragrance house that doesn’t really need an introduction. The venerable 4711 brand has been creating the 4711 Eau de Cologne for over 200 years; a cult classic that has lasted the test of time.

The exact recipe of the scent remains a closely guarded secret, but there’s no mistaking the cascade of citrus notes that quench the senses and energise the mind. A tonic of Bergamot, Lemon and Orange scintillates, while an aromatic heart of Lavender and Rosemary ground the brightness with a touch of herbal earthiness.

4711 Original Eau de Cologne, from £11.00

This cooling Eau de Cologne is a classic way to enjoy the 4711 Original scent. Spray on at any time of day for the most concentrated version of the classic fragrance.

4711 Original Aftershave Lotion, £7.00

This tonifying and astringent lotion is perfect for a men’s skin. Splash on after shaving to revive and treat the complexion with a wealth of antiseptic ingredients.

4711 Original Tissues, £3.00

Refresh the skin with these handy perfumed tissues, a cooling and quenching way to gentle cleanse and revitalise the body and the mind.

4711 Original Cool Stick, £6.00

Reenergise the senses by applying this cooling stick to pulse points and the décolleté. The concentrated aromatheraputic stick is ideal as an on-to-go scent refresher.

4711 Original Body Lotion, £6.00

Quench parched skin with this melting formulation that promises to refresh and revive. The fluid lotion instantly cools and soothes skin, and lightly fragrances the body.

4711 Original Shower Gel, £6.00

Lather up some citrus loveliness with this crystalline gel, with a wealth of essential oil extracts and a non-drying texture.

4711 Original Deodorant Spray, £6.00

Keep fresh and dry all day long with this hardworking deodorant spray, which also delicately scents the body with the citrussy 4711 scent.

4711 Original Body Spray, £4.00

Instead of lugging your full-sized bottle around, top up your 4711 scent during the day with this handy body spray.

4711 Original Cream Soap, £3.00

Work this creamy lather all over the body in both the bath and the shower. The formulation is mild, lightly scented and doesn’t dry skin out.

Discover the entire 4711 Original Fragrance range here at Escentual.

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