Pick & Mix Beauty Questions #6.. Modesty Brown

All this week we’ll be taking a look at some blogger beauty confessions in our Pick ‘n’ Mix Beauty Questions feature. The premise is simple: we give our featured bloggers a list of 20 random questions, they pick 10 of those to answer, and then we get a lovely insight into their beauty habits.

Today we pass over to Jane aka Modesty Brown, a thirty-something beauty blogging Mummy. Obsessed with taupe eyeshadow, makeup brushes and concealer, Jane is on a mission to disguise tiredness through beauty fakery. Classy beauty fakery of course!

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1) If you could invent one beauty/grooming product, what would it be?

Oddly enough I was just thinking about this. I’d invent some kind of smart colourimeter type gadget that would help to find your perfect foundation match. I find foundation shopping very stressful, I’d love something that I could pop in my bag to tell me truthfully if the foundation I’d just been matched with, under fluorescent lighting, really was two shades too orange!

2) Who is your beauty inspiration?

Isabella Rossellini, Milla Jovovich, Emily Deschanel and Helena Christensen. I really admire their relaxed beauty and style. They look amazing without looking like they’ve tried too hard

3) What is the most envy-inducing product in your makeup bag?

It’s a toss up between my Chantecaille Turtles palette, Le Metier de Beaute Kaleidoscope and Guerlain Rue de Passy 6 Écrin. I treasure them all and they have honestly been my biggest beauty splurges to date.

4) Which products do you keep coming back to?

No.7 Radiant Boosting Hot Cloth Cleanser, The Body Shop Camomile Waterproof Eye Makeup Remover, Hourglass Film Noir mascara, RMK Super Basic Liquid concealer and MAC Cubic Blusher.

5) Are you a one brand gal/guy, or do you like to switch it up?

I like to try new things but I’m also fairly loyal to brands that I love. I’m especially fond of lesser known brands and I have a soft spot for Rouge Bunny Rouge, Le Metier de Beaute and Hourglass. They rarely let me down.

6) What is your everyday makeup routine?

Tinted moisturiser, undereye concealer, taupe eyeshadow, dark liner, mascara, pinky beige blusher and a MLBB shade of lipstick. The brands and shades change from time to time but the general routine is the always the same.

7) If you had your own beauty brand, what would your mission statement be?

To make beauty products that are accessible and confidence building for ALL women, irrespective of age, experience and lifestyle. For years I felt too inept and intimidated to visit beauty counters. I thought makeup was just for beautiful women that knew what they were doing. I know better now and I’d love to help other people make that discovery too

8) Do you consider yourself to be a fashion-led beauty lover, or a classic beauty lover?

I’d consider myself to be a classic beauty lover, certainly in terms of fragrance and cosmetics. You only need to see my collection of taupes to know that faddy colour trends are not for me!

9) If you could create your perfect fragrance, what notes would it have?

It would have notes of vanilla, tobacco, leather, jasmine and maybe a touch of something spicy.

10) Do you multitask when applying your makeup, or do you need complete concentration?

Oh, complete concentration! I’m very slow with my application. I certainly can’t perform more than one makeup task at a time. Having said that, I often have to tend to the children whilst applying makeup. Does that count as multi-tasking?