Just Launched: CK Shock for Him and for Her


The iconic CK One family just got a little bigger! CK One Shock for Him and for Her are a brand new duo of scents that inject a little rebellious spirit into the timeless fragrance house. Inspired by an epic night out that is full of thumping bass, pulsing lights and an addictive energy, each of the CK One Shock scents electrifies the senses. Forget everything you knew about CK One – these defiant scents are set to shock….

CK One Shock for Her
CK One Shock for Her is an all-consuming scent that scintillates the senses in waves of fruity floral sweetness and unexpected touches of creaminess. Exotic notes of Passion Flower, Pink Peony, and Jewelled Poppy Flower launch the impressive scent, which has a strong and assured character right from the first spray. A deliciously indulgent heart of Blackberry and Narcisse is drizzled with a rich Liquid Chocolate Accord; an unusual blend of juiciness and creaminess that really sets the scent apart. A sensual dry down of Amber, Skin Musk and Patchouli rounds off the intoxicating fragrance with an unforgettable base.



CK One Shock for Him
With energising notes of Clementine, Cucumber, and (perhaps for the first time ever in perfumery) Red Bull, you don’t just smell CK One Shock for Him, you can feel it right from the tips of your fingers to your toes! Far from being too sweet, the Red Bull note actually works to enhance the ever-present smokiness of the scent and lifts and intensifies the base notes wonderfully. The edgy scent becomes heated with piquant notes of Black Pepper, Cardamom and Black Basil. A heady dry down of Tobacco Absolute, Ambreine, and Cashmeran Musk lingers close to the skin. Suggestive, wild, and rebellious, the scent is the perfect evocation of a wild night out.

CK One Shock fragrances are available right now from Escentual.com, from £23.00 each

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