Blog of the Week #37.. Boom Nails


This week’s blog of the week goes out to Emma of Boom Nails, a talented nail artist whose creations are just unreal.

From geometric prints to Batman symbols, cute little graphics to bold stripes, Emma can pretty much transform any nail into a mini piece of art. My absolute favourite of her creations is this mix and match design that includes a mini moustache (!), a cupcake, a chick and some leopard print. Amazing.

It’s not just Emma’s eye for colour and the technical greatness of her graphics that make her nails really exciting; it’s also the creativity that goes into them. No design is too wild or complicated – pretty much anything goes!

Boom Nails has inspired me to experiment with colour and design on my own nails, and it’s guaranteed to make you want to, too.

Visit Boom Nails right here for a big dose of nail envy. Alternatively, make the dream of awesome nails a reality by popping in to see Emma at Sugarlesque (just off Carnaby Street)