Autumn Beauty Trend: Bright Eyes

By Louise Emma Clarke
Founding Editor of

Whether it’s blue, purple, pink, or this season’s top colour trend of green, wearing colour on your eyes demands a lot of confidence and skill. I never used to be able to pull it off myself, preferring to hide away in shades of pale pink or taupe, but conversations with makeup artist friends slowly convinced me to brighten up my makeup look.

It’s a look I always try out on holiday, when the balmy evenings suit being braver with colour – so if you are lucky enough to have a holiday still to look forward to, I’d recommend giving it a go. I also think it’s a great way to cheer up dull, dark autumnal or winter nights when you are heading out on the town with friends.

Ready to experiment? Here are a few tips and tricks:

1) Never take eye shadow above the crease of the socket or underneath the eye – but for extra drama, you could smudge it slightly out at the corners. Use the clean side of an eye shadow applicator to pull the corner out into small flicks at the outer corners.

2) Invest in palettes containing several bright shades, which will encourage you to try out different hues and textures. I adore Givenchy Le Prism Yeux Quatuor, £33 each, which contains four beautiful high-pigment hues in easy-to-blend formulas – or for a slightly more purse-friendly option, Stila Eye Shadow Trios, £13 each, are great for blending different similar colours together.

3) For an extra pop of colour, apply coloured mascara to the tips of your lashes in a similar hue to your chosen eye shadow. I’m a big fan of Clarins Wonder Length Mascara in Wonder Violet, £15.20. This works especially well for brown-eyed ladies.

4) If you’re worried that the colour is too bright after applying the shadow, use a cotton bud to wipe over your lids to lighten the shade. Avoid using fingers, as it tends to make the result a little uneven.

5) Not feeling confident enough to go for a vivid hue of eye shadow? Stick to neutral shadow and use coloured eyeliner to work the trend. Liquid Eyeliner works perfectly for the upper lids – simply draw across the lash line, finishing in a delicate flick at the outer edge. Givenchy Parad’Eyes Liner in Blue Lagoon, £20.50, makes a striking choice – and for nights out, I love Too Faced Starry Eyed Liners, £14 each!

6) A trace of coloured pencil liner just under the lower lash line is a really pretty way to add a little colour to your makeup look. Draw a line just under lashes, and then smudge for a casual, yet eye-catching effect. Clarins Waterproof Eyeliner Pencils in Violet or Turquoise, £12 each, are both perfect for the job.

7) Finally, there’s one golden rule for wearing bright eye makeup. Always keep the rest of your makeup natural, which prevents the look from becoming overdone. Choose a shade of gloss close to the natural shade of your lips (or leave them bare), keep foundation natural, and blusher and bronzer minimal. This ensures that your eyes take centre stage – and after all this hard work, they deserve the attention!



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