Blog of the Week #41.. Sparklz and Shine


Emma’s off this week, so it’s time for me to chip in for Blog of the Week, and it was a pretty easy choice for me. So (drum roll please) this week’s Blog of the Week accolade goes to the oh so lovely Helen aka Sparklz and Shine.

And she’s not your usual teen-prom-queen make-up blogger – Sparklz and Shine’s a multi-tasking mum, who manages to turn make-up from an everyday chore into an art-form. Her blog is full of handy swatches and reviews as well as some amazingly creative face of the day’s – One of my particular favourites is the look created with Sleek Monaco Palette.

Not only is she completely down to earth (a recent conversation about Christmas shopping has left me in awe of her child rearing ethics), but she’s not afraid to try out looks that would be to us mere make-up-mortals something that would usually be restricted for the Illamasqua adverts!

She’s quirky and individual, and that’s why we love her.

Have a look at Sparklz and Shine’s blog

Louise x