Take Your Time.. Tips for more effective application

Little shortcuts that you take here and there could actually be undoing a lot of the work you put into your hair, skin or makeup routine. Just take a little extra time in your everyday routine and it really could make all of the difference…


We all know that your hair will love you if you leave your conditioner on for an extended period of time. But did you know that a major cause of dullness and dryness in hair is not washing your shampoo out properly? This is a sin that I commit far too often as I always seem to be in a rush, and I get away with far fewer days between washes because of it. My hair is very fine but there is a lot of it, and I always find it makes a huge difference to its volume and body if I spend a little extra time working through my locks and making sure absolutely every trace of product is gone. If you’ve been committing this sin for a while, it might be a good idea to switch to a clarifying shampoo for a week or two to get back to your roots.
I recommend: Fudge Detox Deep Cleanser, £6.45


My daily skincare routine is pretty rubbish. I’m always meant to be doing something else so I try to achieve the best results in as short a time as possible, and this leads to me using products that are way too harsh for my skin. I’ve been told off for this many a time but I only really sat up and took notice when I switched to a gentler exfoliator. I was convinced that it wouldn’t work as well as my previous favourite until I took the time to massage it in properly, and then, for the first time ever, I actually felt the little beads melting onto my skin like they were supposed to. I got the same level of exfoliation in a far more skin friendly way, and my skin didn’t look red in the slightest.
I recommend: Clarins One-Step Gentle Exfoliating Cleanser, £15.20


My moisturising routine is much the same as my exfoliating one: I expect dazzling results without much work. This frame of mind often makes me completely pass over products that could in actual fact be pretty amazing for my skin,  so I went back and revisited some of my neglected moisturisers to see if I could make them work for me. Whereas I would normally slather a layer indiscriminately all over my face, I took my time and massaged the formulation into each area using big sweeping motions. (this boosts microcirculation and makes the skin lovely and glowy). In the areas that drank the moisturiser straight up and still felt a little dry, I applied another layer using the same method. Don’t just trust the moisturiser to do all of the work for you – go back and make sure your skin is feeling comfortable.
I recommend: La Roche-Posay Hydraphase Light Intense Rehydrating Skincare, £16.50


If you’ve ever found that your foundation just does not last as long as you’d like it to, reconsider your method of application. If you ‘swipe’ it on, chances are you’re only applying the thinnest of layers with a more diffused concentration of pigment. Although it takes a little longer, try ‘dabbing’ your chosen foundation onto the face for a higher concentration of pigment. This method also works to push the formulation into the skin for a more natural-looking finish, and it can be built up more easily where needed without removing the previous layer of foundation. Finish up with a dusting of powder and you’re all set.
I recommend: Vichy Dermablend Corrective Foundation, £15.50 and Daniel Sandler Blotting Powder, £19.50


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