On The Fringe

By Louise Emma Clarke
Founding Editor of The-Beauty-Pages.com

Fringes are a big trend for hair this season – and it’s little surprise when celebrities like Jennifer Garner, Kirsten Dunst and Emma Stone look so achingly stylish since going for the chop.

I’ve been tempted to go for the look myself, but one thing that has always held me back is the maintenance involved in keeping it looking its best. Stepping out of the salon with a gorgeous bouncy fringe is one thing – but could I recreate the look at home?

To help me make up my mind, I did some research on how to look after fringes – from top blow-dry tips to the perfect products for the job. If you are the proud owner of a fringe – or are plucking up the courage to get one cut – the tips below may come in handy…

1 – Keep oil at bay
If you’re prone to greasy locks, you’ll probably notice your fringe getting lank and oily faster than the rest of your hair. Rather than washing more often (which can strip the hair of conditioning natural oils), switch to a balancing shampoo. I love Philip Kingsley Moisture Balancing Shampoo, from £4.76. Between washes, have a can of dry shampoo to hand to freshen up your fringe, such as Klorane Nettle Sebo-Regulating Dry Shampoo, £7.20.

2. Blow-dry for bounce
For a bouncy fringe, always blow-dry your hair, rather than towel drying or letting it dry naturally. Invest in a good quality round hairbrush – such as Fekkai Large Round Wood Hairbrush, £46 – and pull the hair to the opposite side that you want it to sit. Once back in place, the hair will have more volume and bounce.

3 – Finish with a cold blast of air
Always blow-dry on a hot setting, before switching to the cold setting to cool the hair off. This helps to mould the hair into position.

4 – Avoid styling products
To prevent your fringe looking lank, avoid using styling products on it. If it’s driving you mad by sitting in the wrong place, re-wash and blow-dry it (it doesn’t take that long if you just wash your fringe) – or treat yourself to a bottle of lightweight hairspray, such as Tigi Rockaholic Fun Times Flexible Hairspray, from £3.50. Spray a light mist onto a brush – and comb through your fringe to re-style and set it.

5 – Trim regularly
Finally, make sure you maintain your stylish new look by heading back to the salon for regular trims. Most hair salons will offer free (or very affordable) fringe trims, so it won’t break the bank – and will make styling your fringe much easier.

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