Blog of the Week #48.. Her Doll Face

This week’s blog of the week goes out to Sana of Her Doll Face, a fashion, beauty and lifestyle blogger from the US whose site is ever so luxe.

The blog is an absolute haven for picture junkies like me. There are so many artful shots, from products to outfits to trips away. They really capture my imagination every time I visit, and I find myself exploring through pages upon pages of posts to get my fill.

You really get the impression that Sana has harboured a love of makeup for a long time – her posts cross-reference other comparable products that she has used and loved (or not, as the case may be!), and her comments are always really insightful. It’s clear that Her Doll Face is a blog from a girl with a sincere passion for everything about beauty, and that’s why she’s our blog of the week!

Go and give Sana a visit at Her Doll Face right here!