Blog of the Week #49.. Beauty Scribbler


This week’s blog of the week goes out to Helen of Beauty Scribbler, a Manhattan-based British blogger who really knows her stuff.

From high end purchases to laser eye surgery, everything that Helen tries is discussed at length with plenty of pictures and in-depth analysis. It’s particularly helpful when Helen draws attention to the ingredients list of certain products, like this eye liner, especially for those who aren’t familiar with their scientific names or any possible side effects.

Helen describes every aspect of the products that she reviews, from the packaging to the aforementioned ingredients lists, and manages to weave all of that information into engaging posts that are great fun to read. She also compares and contrasts her purchases which is really very helpful, especially for those who have the same skin type and tone. I’ve been following Helen’s quest to find a great mascara for a while as her lashes are straight like mine; when she finds the one, I’m there!

 Take a little look at the Beauty Scribbler blog right here, and follow Helen on Twitter here.