All I Want for Christmas Is… The Escentual Staff Christmas Wish List

We’re loving seeing what sort of things you’re buying each other now that the Christmas shopping season is in full swing – it’s inspired us to get thinking about what we’re wishing for this year. Here is a glimpse into some of the wacky and wonderful things we’re hoping to open under the tree come the 25th…


1) Salvatore Ferragamo Attimo Pour HommeLast Christmas, I was presented with a bottle of Davidoff Adventure. I’ve never been a scent aficionado – being distinguishable from someone who wears the same pants 8 days running is generally enough for me – but I ended up pretty keen on it. That said, I’d like to expand my olfactory wardrobe a little, and quite like the look of the new (ish) Attimo Pour Homme.

2) Apple TV. As one of the web team here at Escentual, I am an unashamed geek (what of it!). Living up to self-defined standards, I’m pretty tempted by Apple’s new Apple TV. Combining it with my iPad and watching things like iPlayer on my big flatscreen (perhaps while talking on my iPhone .. why are you looking at me like that?) will let me mourn over the end of Spooks in style. Once you’ve tried getting all of your media (be it music or video) computerised, DVDs just seem awfully fiddly.

3) A Hoodie. I’m a big wearer of hoodies, as many in the office would attest. In the winter they’re warm, comfy and casual, while in the summer they’re perfect for those late nights that are much too warm for a full on coat but demand a little more than the beer-stained tshirt that you’re fairly sure you didn’t leave home with.

So, you know, if anyone out there fancies treating me ..


1) A fully functional Batman suit, because who doesn’t want to be Batman?
2) A season ticket to Gloucester RFC (and some sort of of device that would allow me to be in two places at once so I could actually attend the matches!)
3) Paco Rabanne 1 Million Eau de Toilette


1) A super slim camera that I can carry around in my handbag so I can capture any moments wherever I am. I hate it when I see something amazing, but only have my rubbish camera phone to capture it – so this will solve all my photo capture-the-moment dilemmas.

2) A luxe holdall, so when I go away for weekends I can look super stylish – my current pink-polka-dot ensemble is getting a bit embarrassing for a 30-something.

3) Guerlain Rouge G lipstick. I have been itching to get hold of one of these beauties for months now – but have been struggling with the decision of which colour. To be honest I don’t care which colour I get – I just want to frame it and admire it as an object of beauty.



1) Dexter boxsets – cannot get enough of this. Love the fiendish side to it. I have the first 4 series and I need to watch the 5th as I have had to turn the television off far too many times to avoid spoilers!

2) Zorbing activity day – What more do I need to say? 3m diameter inflatable ball. 2 people strapped inside. 1 hill. Fantastic (If a little dizzy).

3) Prada Man After Shave Lotion – I have tried many and this is by far my favourite. My skin feels great after using it and I love the smell. My dad “borrowed” some and now uses it himself as well. It will probably be on his wish list as well!


1) A new laptop – mine  is completely dead. I use my laptop constantly so I’m really feeling the loss at the moment. I’m thinking of pushing the boat out and getting a laptop that’s actually pretty nice for a change.

2) Naughty Alice Gift Set. I really wanted this scent last year but then changed by mind and opted for the heavier Belle d’Opium Eau de Parfum at the last second. This is such a pretty and memorable scent, and the bottle is ridiculously beautiful. I’d use the box afterwards to store things in.

3) A seahorse. I keep joking about this but I do really want one. I’ve been dropping hints with absolutely everyone I know so I might even strike gold and get more than one. A little seahorse club – that’s the dream!


1) Dior Homme Intense. Perfect for the colder months, a warm woody fragrance with vanilla and cocoa but stays away from being too sweet. Also the longevity is superb and that comes from being an EdP.

2) A watch. I used to wear a watch all the time but stopped sometime before starting University and became accustomed to using my mobile to tell the time. I haven’t got one in mind but it would have to be a classic design, simple without gimmicks.

3) A hug – simples

4) A tailored Suit. Well a new suit. Apparently the one I brought back in 2003 not only hates me for growing the slightest little bit but is also the wrong style for today. Who knew??

5) 53 laps round Suzuka in an F1 car, preferably a McLaren, but I’m not going to be picky. Why 53? Probably because I would be off the track on the first 52!

6) Tickets to all of England’s games at Euro 2012.

7) Snow


1) A new digital Camera (Olympus Tough) I have actually lost count of how many digital cameras I have broken! I have a Canon SLR but it’s such an effort to lug around! The Olympus Tough is water, shock, freeze and most importantly Gem proof! Sounds like the perfect camera to carry around with you every day and on holidays. Who knows when a photo worthy moment will come around? You can never have too many photos.

2) Cake Plate I have recently taken up baking and need something fancy to display my creations on! Ohhhh and a cute tea pot and tea cups I would  to match. Nothing like afternoon tea & cakes.

3) iPhone What can I say I’m a Mac girl….sorry!

4) DIOR Backstage DiorShow Mascara I am in a desperate need of a new mascara.

5) Guerlain Liquid Eyeliner A good liquid eyeliner is a must to finish off any look. I wear it every day, so spending that little bit extra is worth every penny.

6) SNOW! I would love snow again this Chirstmas….I’m such a kid! It just makes everything more magical.


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