New in: Paperself Eyelashes

Transform your eyes into works of art with the origami-inspired Paperself Eyelashes, a blend of traditional craftsmanship and contemporary innovation.

From the whimsical Under The Sea lashes with its coral and banner fish, to the geometric Clown set with its checks and zigzags, each set of lashes is incredibly beautiful and very unique. Paperself eyelashes are cut from coated paper, meaning they can be lightly shaped into place without damaging them.

Each lash strip is longer than the average pair of eyelashes, and can be cut to fit more precisely on the lash line or layered section by section. Use the excess on the lower lashes – you can glue it to the face for some avant-garde styling. The possibilities are endless! Alternatively, choose the Individual Lashes for the corners of the eyes and the lower lashes for a more subtle look.

We’re particularly loving Under The Sea, Birds, and Peacock.. keep your eyes peeled in the next few weeks for some action shots of us wearing them!

Take a closer look at the Paperself Eyeslashes collection right here at

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