A Guide to Impressing an Escentual Staff Member this Valentine’s Day

Louise (Marketing) 
My perfect date would be a day-out doing something totally childish, such as the going to the Zoo, visiting Alton Towers, Lego Land or perhaps even ‘Digger Land’. Followed by getting all dressed-up to go for a meal in a nice restaurant, washed down with a bottle of pink bubbly. And to top it off a night in a cosy boutique hotel – complete with a lie-in and cooked breakfast in the morning!

If you’re not in a relationship, round up all your single mates and go out for a meal. It’s fascinating people-watching going out on Valentines night – spotting first dates, bad dates, frisky couples and sad old ones who don’t even speak any more!

 Richard (IT)

We aren’t big on the whole Valentine’s thing, but it’s nice to acknowledge it, so we exchanged cards on Saturday, spent the day together including a nice long walk, before having a takeaway (pretty rare for us) and watching a film on the sofa.

Ash (Warehouse)
I do not believe in making a fuss out of a particular day but whoever it was with, I like the idea of it being fun. It could be a meal with friends, or just as a couple, a night out on the town, going to the cinema, watching your favourite TV show, or hitting the casino for some poker! However it should not really matter what day of the year it is; always try to do something new or exciting.

Gem (Graphics)
I hate the hype of Valentine’s Day – I would rather stay at home, cook a lovely meal, drink a bottle of wine and snuggle up to watch a film.

But if we had warmer weather I would love to go down to a beach, have a BBQ, watch the sun set and light a little fire to keep warm. That would be my perfect Valentines.

Emma (Marketing)
I’m not hard to please – my perfect Valentine’s Day would start off with rice and peas, trifle and some lovely cocktails, and would end with a really good gig. What I’m actually doing tomorrow is spending my evening with friends while trying to convince them to cook for me. It’s my first Valentine’s Day as a singleton, so I’ll buy myself something lovely (even though I just spoiled the surprise).

Rakesh (Big Boss)
My perfect Valentine’s evening would be bathing the kids and getting them to bed by 7pm, before sitting down on a rug in front of our wood stove to a sumptuous vegetarian picnic of Laurent Perrier pink champagne, hot homemade somosas, some delicate sandwiches, Laduree macaroons, strawberries, and chocolates. We’d then watch the classic Sandler romcom The Wedding Singer, or maybe go for a classic like Casablanca. Unfortunately this is probably just a dream – the reality with kids is probably very different!

Alan (Marketing)
The most likely result of tomorrow will probably be one of the following:

Option A – Finish work, get home, eat dinner, drink beer and watch Love Actually while trying to not look at my phone all evening or crying!

Option B (if date organised) – Finish work, celebrate, get ready (iron a shirt and everything!) Head out for some first date drinks but with a table booked at a restaurant in case the date keeps moving.

Option C (if in a relationship) – Surprise imaginary girlfriend with an in-house pampering session. Time it just right to have a bubble bath ready with scented candles and rose petals. Using the petals left over I’ll make a rose petal path to bedroom where it’ll be set up for a nice relaxing massage.

Whatever it is that you end up doing, have a happy Valentine’s Day everyone!