Stila Jewel Eye Shadow New Launch and Swatches


The crown jewel of the Stila spring collection is the brand new Stila Jewel Eye Shadow. Its collection of innovative sequin-like shades have the perfect blend of pigment, binder and pearl that creates a weightless high shine finish. An infusion of transparent talc ensures even colour distribution, while lightweight binding oils ensure longevity.

I put the intensely shimmering Aquamarine eye colour to the test, and I was able to achieve four distinct finishes from one pan of high shine colour…

The intensely shimmering finish of the Stila Jewel Eye Shadow in Aquamarine

Aquamarine is a beautiful mid bright blue packed full of silver shimmer. In the pan it leans a little more toward the bright end of the spectrum, but when swatched it’s a touch softer. The creaminess of the formulation is really surprising given the amount of glitter and shimmer. It’s really smooth to the touch and blends like a dream.

Dabbed on dry with the Stila #34 Jewel Eye Shadow Brush, no primer

I began by dabbing on the colour straight from the pan with the special designed Stila #34 Jewel Eye Shadow Brush. The densely packed bristles pick up a good amount of product, and the versatile crescent shaped brush head can cover a large area, or can be used in more targeted areas.

Blended dry with the Stila #34 Jewel Eye Shadow Brush, no primer

I buffed the swatch out to see how the glitter would fare when worked into the skin. It creates a subtle wash of colour with more distinct flecks of silver glitter. Not a lot of product was used here, but the buttery soft texture of the shadow was worked over a large area very easily.

Dabbed on wet with the Stila #34 Jewel Eye Shadow Brush, no primer

This is my favourite way to wear the shadow – wet, bright and multi-reflective with a metallic finish. I usually use the tapered tip of the Stila #34 Jewel Eye Shadow and create a line of shimmering colour for a refreshing take on a cat eye.

Blended wet with the Stila #34 Jewel Eye Shadow Brush, no primer

For a glossy finish blend the wet shadow out. The glimmer is amplified but the colour is not as intense, which makes for beautiful shimmering finish.

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