Spring Clean Your Dressing Table

By Louise Emma Clarke
Founding Editor of The-Beauty-Pages.com

There’s something about spring that makes us want to throw out the old and bring in the new – so this week, I’ve created a three-step action plan for spring cleaning your dressing table. From washing your brushes, to throwing away old products, to upgrading your tools, now is the perfect time to work towards a cleaner, tidier, and more organised beauty regime!


To keep brushes and sponges hygienic, we’re supposed to wash them on a weekly basis – but I’m betting that there are plenty of tools in your kit that are treated to a wash far less frequently (I know I’m lazy on that front).  Washing is important, though – as not only does it keep harmful bacteria at bay, but it also improves performance. If your pressed powder or foundation isn’t looking its best, for example, you can probably blame the sponge you are using to apply it.

If your brushes are synthetic, you can use a little gentle shampoo and water to wash them, leaving them to dry naturally throughout the day. If they are made from real hair (the more expensive kind, which the professionals use), stick to water alone. Use water only for sponges, squeezing out excess water as soon as it runs clear and leaving on the side of the sink to dry.

And if your tools are looking really tired, why not treat yourself to a new set for spring? If you have the spare budget, I recommend Dior’s Backstage brushes – and the complete Brush Set, £71.45, will give your makeup a professional finish.


Just like food, every beauty product has a best-before date – so if you have old makeup collecting dust in the bottom of your dressing table drawers, now is the time to throw it away and replace with something new.

Mascara has the shortest shelf life, at just 3-6 months, as the pumping action of the wand forces bacteria into the tube. Use your spring cleaning mission as an excuse to invest in something new and innovative, like Guerlain’s new Noir G Refillable Exceptional Complete Mascara, £35.

Foundations have a longer shelf life of 12 months, but dirty fingers and applicators can easily contaminate them. If you need to replace your bottle, look for hygienic pump bottles to keep bacteria at bay – Clarins Everlasting Foundation, £19.20 is ideal.

Other best before dates to take note of include: Powder (2 years); Lipstick and Gloss (2 years); Nail Varnish (12 months); Moisturiser (3-6 months); and Perfume (2 years).


Been using the same tweezers, eyelash curlers, hairbrush, and electrical appliances for years? It’s easy to get stuck in a rut when we have tools that do the job perfectly well (or so we think) – but technology moves quickly and there is bound to be something that will get the job done quicker, easier, and more efficiently. Use this spring cleaning mission as the perfect excuse to discover what is new to the market.

If you haven’t yet tried the cleansing system Clarisonic, from £120, it is going to revolutionise your skincare regime. Designed by the creator of the Sonicare sonic toothbrush, the cleansing brush uses sonic action to cleanse skin – and it’s proven to be six times more effective at removing makeup and daily grime than manual cleansing.

For tweezers, I can personally recommend Mister Mascara Japanese Style Tweezers, £8.60, which grip even the shortest hairs. And for hairbrushes, I love the Fekkai range, from £33.15, which feature a mix of boar bristles and nylon bristles to stimulate the scalp and leave hair smooth, shiny, and static-free (you’ll wonder how you lived without it as soon as you swap over).

Happy spring cleaning!

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