A Guide To Choosing Your Mason Pearson Hair Brush


Mason Pearson Brushes have a long and illustrious heritage. With most of the work carried out by hand using techniques pioneered and patented by founder Mason Pearson over one hundred years ago, the quality and the feel of the brushes are second to none.


There are three different types of brushes for three distinct hair types:

Pure Bristle Brushes are made up of rigid boar hair, which distribute oils evenly down the hair shaft while smoothing the cuticle. The densely packed bristles make the pure brush especially good for fine to normal hair, which can easily slip through brushes that have more spaced out tufts. Available in Large, Medium, Handy, Pocket and Childs sizes, they’re a popular choice for those with sensitive scalps, thinning hair, and long hair that is very fine.

Bristle and Nylon Brushes are made up of a mix of rigid boar hair and nylon bristles which offer the best of both worlds for normal hair. The nylon bristles detangle and provide maximum style control, while the pure boar bristles smooth and make hair silky. Available in Large, Medium, Handy and Pocket, this is a great choice for those who want a more versatile brush that will suit most hair types.

Nylon Brushes are made up of flexible tufts that are ideal for hair that is thicker. They have excellent detangling capabilities, they lightly smooth the hair and the tufts don’t get caught up in thicker and longer locks. Due to their lightweight nature, these brushes are also ideal for travelling. Available in Medium, Pocket and Handy, nylon tufts are an ideal choice for those who need more control when styling.

As for choosing the size of your brush, that is dependant on your needs. If your hair is longer it is recommended that the brush should be a larger size. At 8.5″ tall Handy is ideal for travelling, while the compact 6.75″ Pocket and Childs sizes are perfect for smaller hands.

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