Reviews of the Month – April 2012

Review of the month April 2012

Each month we pick our five favourite reviews. These review are picked for being helpful, insightful or just really interesting. Each reviewer picked will receive a £20 Escentual gift voucher!

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FreshBeauty‘s review of Schwarzkopf BC Bonacure Repair Rescue Sealed Ends

I have been using at home hair colour for years which always end up drying my hair out. Recently I even changed brands and went lighter, and I was upset at how dry , frizzy and damaged the product left my hair.

I actually bought this product on a whim, desperate to find something that would help. My usual leave-in conditioners, anti frizz serums and glossy creams just wouldn’t cut it.

I was apprehensive , but ended up being completely thrilled by the results…I can’t stop touching my hair…It is so soft and silky. And it seems to be silkier every time I have used this cream.

The tube seems quite small, but I was really surprised at how little you actually need to use.(especially considering how dry my hair is).

The first time , I used about the size of an almond , and massaged it well into my towel dried hair, then combed it through.
I thought I might need more but I didn’t. I couldn’t believe how easily I could detangle my hair.
If I let my hair air dry, it is very very soft and light. But even more surprising is when I blow dry my hair (which usually is so damaging) …..It ends up sooooo soft and so silky. It makes the blow dry very easy and it doesn’t have to last as long.

This product is honestly worth every penny. I will absolutely buy it again and again.


Kwarnst‘s review of Caudalie Beauty Elixir

This product is one of my favorites. I use it whenever I like and I find it to be very beneficial for my skin. My skin looks glowy, refreshed and hydrated. I find my skin tone to be more even and I have noticeably less blemishes and redness.

Some ways I use this product:

  • – I spray it on my face to dampen the skin before I use my daily skincare
  • – I spray it on my hands and gently press the product on my face as a finishing layer on top of my moisturizer
  • – I use it as a refreshing spray during the day
  • – I sometimes use it as a make up setting spray
  • – As an instant refresher for mind and spirit: I spray in my hands and inhale the essential oils. It feels calming and refreshing at the same time.

I love the scent and the feel of luxury whenever I use it.

Some may find this rather expensive, but the spray gives a very fine and light mist so a little goes a long way. I think it is really worth the price.


Hannah‘s review of La Roche-Posayl Anthelios XL SPF50+ Fluide Extreme Face 

I hate putting on suncream as it adds extra layer of cosmetic products on my skin and most of the suncream adds oil to my face which totally annoy me. However, this one has made me change my opinion. its light, not much fragance, not oily at all and even though I apply quite alot on my face in the first use (well, i do use only a little now), it didnt ruin my make up, all most like any other day without suncream. I am very happy with this product and will definately use it from now on.

My tip is to put on ur skin care routine (serum, cream, themal spray…) as normal and wait until they dry and absorb and then put on suncream, if it is too greasy u can use face tissue to pat on ur skin very gentle and then do ur make up. Ole, now its just perfect.


Wordbird’s review of Vichy Normaderm Night

I am in my mid forties and am suffering from hormone-related spots on my jawline. I thought I grew out of this kind of breakout when I left my teens!

I’ve tried various old tricks to clear up my spots and nothing worked. It just seemed to be getting worse. Then I took advantage of the 1/3 off off in March to try a couple of spot treatments from brands I already use and trust. This was one.

I already used Vichy Normaderm Triactiv daily moisturiser and found it good, so I decided to try adding this to my routine. It has done the trick. It’s taken a couple of weeks of nightly use, along with a careful cleansing routine and an occasional daytime reapplication of La Roche Posay Effaklar AI blemish treatment on the worst of the zits to bring them under control.

Unlike many spot treatments, this one smells nice and doesn’t dry my skin out or leave it stinging or flaky. It’s a cream, but it’s definitely not greasy. It’s easy to apply and rub in and it seems to be working very effectively to reduce the spots that were there and keep new ones from appearing.

I’d recommend it. It’s not harsh and it works.


OZTHEMAN‘s review of Amouage Epic Man

An aromatic and indeed extravagant opening, especially by the presence of different chords, probably due to the berries essence . Over time,frankincense appears then giving the fragrance, a greater depth, little powdery and higher density.. With extreme lasting power that defies belief, around 10-16 hours depending on how often you wash that area for it will remain even after washing your hands..
Of the Amouage range including the library collection this is almost definitely my favourite..fantastic a little bit like their Jubilation xxv but a little more manly!!
Luxurious, opulent, and just simply sheer class..
lasting power is also amazing as I can smell it even after washing my arms hours later.. but the big negative is the hole in the back pocket but wow I am in love with this fragrance..

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