Fine Hair SOS

As Emma is sunning herself in Italy this week, we’ve called in the help of Lauren from our customer services team, an expert gift wrapper and hair product guru……..

Let’s be honest, this Spring hasn’t been the best the UK has ever seen but I have to be honest, it has given me chance to try and sort my hair out before (hopefully) we get our lovely British Summer!

Having long(ish) fine hair is a bit of a nightmare, some products I use make my hair look limp and lifeless and some products manage to make my hair static and frizzy!

These products are great for fine hair that needs a bit of body to it (although I can’t guarantee it’ll be like 80’s hair, which is probably for the best!)

1. Philip Kingsley Body Building Shampoo – A truly lovely shampoo to use, It lathers well, smells great and most importantly does the job. A little goes a long way so it might be a bit pricier than we are all used to for hair care but it lasts forever and makes your hair feel amazing.

2. Philip Kingsley Moisture Balancing Conditioner – This product is great to be used after the body building shampoo and is ideal for any hair type as it helps sustain the correct balance of moisture along the length of the hair, leaving hair soft, lustrous and tangle free.

3. TIGICandy Fixation Sugar Shock Bodifying Sugar Spray – Tigi, which has been a firm favourite in salons across the UK (and now the world!) introduced a new range in October 2011. Behold the new Candy Fixations! The Sugar Shock Bodifying Spray has fast become one of my favourite styling products as it smells divine (well done again Tigi) and makes my hair feel volumised! I’ve found with a lot of ‘volumising’ styling products they can make your hair feel sticky and look greasy, but it isn’t the case with this one.

4. Sexy Hair Organics Sexy Organic Leave-In Conditioner – If you’re running short on time or just want to give your hair a break from heavy conditioners, this product is a miracle worker. Lightweight, great for your hair and with anti frizz properties, I’d use this once a week to let your hair breathe!

5. TIGI S Factor Wonderful Tonight Overnight Treatment – Just because I have fine hair doesn’t mean I don’t use my straighteners a little bit too much sometimes. Nobody likes seeing their hair damaged so I’d recommend using this product once or twice a month as an extra little pick me up. Leave it on overnight, let it work its magic and wash out in the morning for revitalised and oh so soft hair.


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