Dior Summer Mix Swatches for Nails and Lips



Reboot your excitement for summer with the limited edition Dior Summer Mix range, a capsule collection of acid brights and tropical hues for nails and lips. It’s the perfect mid-season injection of colour – and a little treat for those of us experiencing a rubbish, grey summer!

The focus for this collection is the brand new formulation: the original Dior Vernis becomes Dior Vernis Gloss, a jellified, high-gloss polish. Dior Vernis Gloss is like sorbet for the nails – juicy, bright and translucent. In one coat, the colour is semi-sheer, in two it is opaque.


From left, 118 Acapulco, 158 Calypso, 178 Cosmo, 198 Lagoon

Perhaps the most distinctive colour in the collection, Dior Vernis Gloss in 118 Acapulco is unlike any yellow nail colour I have ever tried before. Where yellow nail varnishes can be hard to pull off, this tart lemon hue applies like a dream and looks ultra polished. Such is the beauty of the new glossy formula!


Dior Vernis Gloss in 158 Calypso is a very unusual red colour. This juicy candy apple hue is made unique with its neon, semi-transparent, jelly finish. It is the perfect colour to pep up both the fingers and the toes, and looks glorious with a tan.


The sorbet-like cranberry pink of Dior Vernis Gloss in 178 Cosmo is the most outwardly feminine nail colour of the collection. It applies sheer and dries to a semi-opaque finish in just two coats. Like its namesake cocktail, it is fruity, fun and a little bit naughty.


Like the depths of the Mediterranean sea, Dior Vernis Gloss in 198 Lagoon is a refreshing pop of cool, deep curacao blue. It is the most high-coverage of the four shades, and instantly updates any outfit with its attention-grabbing hue.


The beautiful pink of Dior Ultra Glow in 664 Rose Bikini contains no shimmer and has a jellified neon finish. The hot pink hue is a wonderful contrast to the deep blue nails of Lagoon in particular, and is a great matchy-matchy colour for Cosmo.


To constrast with the acidy hue of Acapulco, Dior suggests this almost-neon cherry red of Dior Ultra Gloss Glow in 854 Rouge Croisiere. The wet-look shade has zero shimmer and a high shine, jelly finish looks so fresh and effortless yet makes a real statement. Perfect popsicle lips!


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