Sort Your Dry Hair Ends

When you chemically treat your hair and use heated appliances, your ends can become very damaged very quickly. This is a nightmare if you’re trying to grow your hair out – the last thing you want to do is have to chop off more than an inch or two when you take a trip to the hairdressers. If this sounds like you, take some tips from us. Intervene and take care of the ends of your hair, and you’ll be sporting long locks in no time…


Fudge Torture Tonic Conditioner
When you’ve abused your hair with bleaching, colouring and heated appliances, the damage will make your hair look dull and parched over time. Before you attempt to disguise the dullness with shine products, put some goodness back in with this everyday conditioner from Fudge. With an energising ‘hair drink’ complex of Guarana together with hydrating, repairing ingredients, it is an ideal first step in sorting out your rough and dry ends. (Plus it smells like apple pie and ice cream!)

TIGI S-Factor Wonderful Tonight Overnight Treatment
If your hair is in really poor condition, consider an overnight treatment like TIGI S-Factor Wonderful Tonight. The intensive conditioning complex is left on the hair while you sleep to dramatically improve the look and feel of parched locks. Multi-functional strengthening complex Keravis together with a luxury complex of breakage-reducing cashmere, glossing pearl powder, shine-enhancing diamond powder, and antioxidant champagne make for a truly decadent haircare experience.

Schwarzkopf Professional BC Bonacure Repair Rescue Sealed Ends
Once hair is rinsed and towel dried, it’s time to intensively put the moisture back in.  The Schwarzkopf Professional BC Bonacure Repair Rescue Sealed Ends hair moisturiser works to strengthen, repair and protect dried out ends by resurfacing the hair shaft and sealing moisture in. It is specifically formulated for those with damaged hair, and dramatically improves the look of split ends and dryness.

Philip Kingsley Minimizer
If you’re looking for more of an all-round hair hydrator and protector, the Philip Kingsley Minimizer will be right up your street. Made with star hair care ingredient Argan Oil together with intensely conditioning phytosterol, the Minimizer will smooth the hair cuticle, protect hair from heat, reduce frizz and soften the texture of rough and dry hair. It transforms parched hair from frizzy and unmanageable to sleek and groomed in the time it takes to dry your hair.

Tigi S-Factor Papaya Leave-In Moisture Spray
Find your hair looks gorgeous when you wash and dry it, but it comes dry and dull a day later? Don’t wash it again just to feel the benefits of a deep condition – this can actually be detrimental to the health of your locks, as with every wash the hair’s natural oils are washed out. Instead, plump for a rehydrating spray like the Tigi S-Factor Papaya Leave-In Moisture Spray. The protein-packed formula contains repairing hydrolyzed soy protein, hydrating keratin amino acids strengthen, and shine enhancing panthenol.

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