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Bumble 989’s review of Effaclar H – Compensating Soothing Moisturizer

I bought this because I was using the panoxyl 10 acne treatment, which though effective would leave my oily skin dry, sensitive and red the day after using it – not a good look. I needed a good moisturizer that orginally I was going to use the day after the treatment to soothe and somewhat reverse the damage I caused to my skin, but now finds works like a dream underneath. When applied under the treatment at night my skin didn’t get even close to as irritated as it did before, and is perfect for a kind of moisture-boost when you need it. I’m glad I bought it because it did exactly what I needed: protected my skin from the over-drying effect, and works as a kind of extra moisture treatment. The only downside is this really couldn’t be used on my face is the day; while for oily skins, it does make the skin shiny, especially after a couple of hours, but I have no issue with this when used at night. This wasn’t expensive at all, especially for a premium brand such as La Roche Posay so I’m happy with the quality of ingredients for the price. Would absolutely repurchase.

Crystal’s review of Lipikar Baume AP – Lipid Replenishing Body Balm

My 3 year old daughter suffers from eczema. I’ve tried the cream prescribed by the GP as well as many others found in pharmacy but none of them would make her eczema go away, apart from steroid creams which I would rather avoid. I was almost giving up hope until I came accross this one from La Roche Posay. And what a result! After one week of using it her eczema disappeared almost completely! I apply it twice a day. My daughter is not complaining of her skin being itchy anymore! It might not be the cheapest cream but I don’t mind paying the price for my daughter’s health.

Sylv’s review of DSquared2 Potion

“A Real Masterpiece from Annick Menardo and a completely different fragrance from the “”Wood”” series by Dsquared.

Warm and sensual scent, with a high cinnamon feel in the base.

One of the best designer releases of the last several years. Basically this is a spicy-woody fragrance laying on a patchouli and amber base with an overall incense vibe that brings to mind an early 2000 release by Gucci (Gucci Pour Homme I) or, in other stages of the drydown, even Dirty English by Juicy Couture. If you’re on a budget and you also want to avoid smelling like everybody else, this is a very presentable alternative to niche houses.

Potion opens with just the faintest hint of mint over light spiced amber and woods, before developing into a combination of cinnamon, black pepper and a deeper more vociferous amber heart. The pyramid states that wood is at the base, but I could smell it from the first spray. The aromatic notes are noticeably quieter, which makes the dry down a lot smoother, perhaps slightly sweeter and pulls amber further front. The cedar in the base however differs from the usual cedar, combining it with musk and amber (from the heart notes) and with subtle touches of patchouli.

Potion edp is definitely on the sweet side of fragrances, can be classified as gourmand even, but it never drops into the dangerous territory of being overly sweet or cloying (like Lolita Au Masculin or Boucheron Jairpur Homme).

Overall is quite linear in its development, but it smells extremely refined and well-blended. Longevity is above average (I am getting a minimum of 8 hours out of it) and projection is below average (more like a skin scent, but not weak at all; you get a scent cloud of around 2 hours our of it). To the nose: scent is soft and kind, it is a sticky cinammon and a little gourmand (amber effect). Tangy and yummy and fresh to an extent. It is an eau de parfum from the perspective that it is a rich and quality scent, not so much from a projection point of view, as i previously mentioned.

When to wear Potion?
For sure its for those special occasions or for dates. Also cocktail partys and less for everyday use (1-2 days in a week maybe).

What season to wear Potion?
It is mainly a colder weather scent, but due to its smooth and soft feel, can be used in warmer evenings (spring and autumn). It is not really suitable for hot summers.

A good perfume needs a special dressed man or at least well dressed. Therefore if you spray Potion, avoid fperexample hoodies, sneakers. So dress with casual shirts or blazers and nice jeans (if possible not dry washed look or ripped off).

Conclusion: Seductive? Sexy? Absolutely! It’s oriental, sensual, dark but smooth and of course masculine.


HappyMummy’s review of Clarins Body Treatment Oil “Tonic” Firming/Toning

“I never review products, but just had to with this one. I am on to my second bottle of this Clarins Oil. I had my first baby just 10 months ago and am now 8 months pregnant again.

I got stretchmarks first time around at 7 months pregnant. Although I used other creams and oils last time, I was so upset when the stretchmarks literally came over about a week and turned my stomach purple, which made me so self conscious.

I had seen reviews for this oil and also the Clarins Stretch Mark Control cream this time. They were expensive on other websites but then found the amazing Escentuals website at such good prices and thought I would give them a go.

I have bought both products and applied religiously since I was 6 months pregnant this time. Firstly, I noticed that the redness and purpleness of my stretchmarks from the first pregnancy have dramatically reduced extremely quickly. Even my lovely husband keeps saying that they don’t look that angry now, and they are definitely fading fast. And thats in two months!

And, the most exciting of all, at 8 months pregnant and a much bigger bump this time, I have not yet had one single new stretchmark!!! I cannot believe I have actually found products that work!!!

FreshBeauty’s review of Tisserand Jojoba Pure Blending Oil  (Organic)

The oil is gorgeous to apply and smells divine. With the stretchmark control cream applied as well, they blend in together really well and sink into the skin beautifully. It feels like a wonderful beauty treat every time I apply them, and the scent is not overpowering with my high sense of smell due to pregnancy!

I would recommend (and already have!) both of this products a billion times over.

If like me, you want to avoid or dramatically reduce your stretchmarks, then give this combination a try.

The prices and Escentual website and service are the icing on the cake, so thank you Escentual a billion times over for making these products affordable for us ladies with babies!!!”

“I was told to use this for a couple of scratch scars I have on my chest and indeed it really did help after only a couple of weeks.
I use this oil now everyday on my face, neck, and décolleté.

It has no smell whatsoever , which I love. Very clean and relaxing. I also love to use it on my legs after shaving.

I sometimes add just a couple of drops on my splits ends (on dry hair) It adds instant shine.

Apparently jojoba oil is the closest oil to our skin’s natural oils, which is why I have started to use a drop as a lip balm a couple of times a day. Especially before bed time. I found that the more I used traditional lip balms, the more I needed to use them. It’s addictive. This oil actually really helps in breaking the cycle. It provides real lasting moisture.
I love it!”

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